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Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to let y'all know that my game Survival of the Fittest! has been published. Please play my first storygame and leave your comments below:

Why? You may ask...

I recently played it again and noticed some things that need to be fixed. I need help locating all the mistakes!! I plan to unpublish the game on the 27th, tomorrow, to fix all the mistakes I find along with any noted here! Thanks to anyone who helps out!

(Also, if you find the game is too challenging, please let me know... I'm debating posting the solutions to riddles within the Final Puzzle in the game. Thanks!)

Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago

Update: Fixed all the mistakes I found regarding some of the links.

Final page count is 96. Final link count is 203.

And I am done trying to fix this darn game...

Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago
I just have one thing to say right now, and if it lowers anyone's opinion of me, well to quote Rhett Butler, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" Wtf. How dare you rate my game low because it's difficult! It is not "BUGGY" as someone commented. It has variables set where if you made the wrong choices then you can't finish. Try again is my suggestion. I was really pissed off to see one person rate it 2 or 3 and another game a 5... especially as the other game in question has no variables and has only two sentences per page! Really!?! I'm glad the person I am referring to is not a judge!!! That is all...

I will post the walk-through momentarily for anyone who needs it...

Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago

Sure, when I first played through the game and found I couldn't do something, I figured that was probably intended, and when I tried again using different actions I got through that tough area. That's the danger with puzzles, give too much away and there's no intrigue/challenge, don't give enough away and people think the intended 'block' is a mistake with the programming of the game. 

Survival of the Fittest-- The Walk-Through

3 years ago
This is the easier Walk-Through. I will post a link with the full through in a little while for the judges of the contest and anyone else who requires it...

--Firstly, I put in the author's note that choices made affect the outcome. This is totally true! If you didn't solve the riddle before heading for the memory... your game is over, sorry. Try solving the riddle first.

--When exploring the rooms, made sure to only explore each room only once the first time you are allowed to explore. Otherwise, the links will disappear as some of you have already noted...

--If you still cannot beat the game, try making different choices...

If this doesn't help, please see the full walk-through when I post it. Thanks!

Survival of the Fittest-- The Walk-Through

3 years ago
Here are a few more tips I would like to add:

--Use items on pages where no links are available.

--There is a hidden variable that only allows you to finish the game if you made certain choices. Most of these choices should be obvious. Just make choices you think Melanie would make, based on her personality... not choices that you personally would make.

--When exploring upstairs, the riddle will only be visible if another hidden variable is met... lol. This is why the difficulty of my game is set so high!

Good luck!

Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago
Okay, here is the link to the full walk-through of the game. I didn't want to post it here, where anyone could see before at least attempting the game on their own... Judges of the contest, please click below to see the full play-by-play walk-through of the game, Survival of the Fittest! Anyone who can't beat the game after trying the above hints, you are welcome to follow the link as well. Enjoy! :) Here is the link: Walk Through

Survival of the Fittest!

3 years ago

I will go ahead and post this here for those of you that do not the full walk-through that are struggling with the riddles. These are the solutions to the riddles, but not the code for the final riddle of the game.

Riddle 1:

A mother and father have four daughters. Each daughter has one brother. How many members make up this family? -The answer is 7.

Riddle 2:

How can the number four be half of five? -Take away F and E. You will be left with IV. This is the roman numeral for four. -The answer I used for the solution is 5.

Riddle 3:

If you are running in a race and pass the person in 2nd place. What position are you now in? -The answer is 2nd. I used 2 for the solution.

Riddle 4:

I'm in you, but not in him. I go up, but not down. I'm in the colossium, but not in a tower. I'm in a puzzle, but not a riddle. What am I? -The letter U. I used 'you' as my solution: your room was number 4 on the map. Answer I used was 4.

Riddle 5:

Two in front, two behind, one in the middle. How many are there? -The answer is 3. This is how you find the answer: (12)3-two in front. 1(23)-two behind. 1(2)3-one in the middle.

Riddle 6:

There is a man stuck in a room that has two doors. Behind those two doors are the following: In the first, a sun that will toast anyone who enters. In the second, a fire-breathing dragon that smites anyone who enters. How does the man escape? -He waits until night, then leaves through the first door. -I used first or 1 as my solution.

Riddle 7:

Seldom seen displayed as three; It would be bad luck you see... XYZ, What can I be? -Solution is 6. Seldom seen as three 6's together...

--Hope this helps! And thanks for playing! :)