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Let's get that motivation pumping.

20 days ago

So. It's been forever since I've posted a motivation thread, due to not writing a damn thing for the longest time. First thing's first: the rewrite of The Chris Parable has been cancelled, and work on Hazelmyre is on hiatus. I've decided to just try to get one smaller story up to test the waters and get back into the groove of things. What is that story about, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you.

It's a piece of fan fiction about my favorite DC Comics character Vic Sage, AKA the Question; specifically, the version of the character seen in the 2005 miniseries by Rick Veitch. The plot will be simplistic, following the faceless protector of Hub City through one particularly godawful night in which he is poisoned by a group of criminals and left in an alleyway. With just five hours to live, an antidote to find, and a whole drug ring to take down, it's easy to say that the Question is in way over his head. I only started yesterday, and progress so far has been at a snail's pace: one page down, with work on the second page underway.

Anyway, yeah. Don't expect this to be a particularly large story, as I mentioned above it's mostly just for finding the inspiration to write CYOA stories again. I plan for it to be rather linear, with four endings based on your choices, and for it to be in total around a few dozen pages or so. Anyway, feel free to do whatever in this thread: offer helpful advice, berate me, ask questions about the story and its progress, or just dick around.

~ Chris

Let's get that motivation pumping.

19 days ago
I don't really know much about that character but the basic plot is interesting. It sounds like you've given some thought to how to structure and actually end it which is good as well, I wasn't really getting a sense of that when talking to you about Hazelmyre before.

Smaller projects are good, it's nice to get a taste of what actually finishing things is like if it's something you've struggled with and you learn a lot that can be used in tackling bigger stories later on.

Let's get that motivation pumping.

19 days ago

Oh boy!

Let's get that motivation pumping.

10 days ago

I haven't been keeping up with any progress reports sadly, mostly because the day after I posted this thread I came down with a particularly bad cold and was out of commission for a while. I don't have anything new to really share here, but I figured I'd post the one page that's finished to keep you all satisfied.

A little background information, for those not familiar with this particular version of the Question (or the character at all, really): the Question wears a mask made of a substance called 'pseudoderm' which makes it appear that he has no facial features. It's cemented to his face using a gaslike substance, which also changes the color of his hair and clothing to make it harder to ID him. Confused? Just turn to these handy two panels from the Question's first appearance which, for the most part, have remained entirely canon and summarize it far better than I can.

Now, in the 2005 miniseries upon which this storygame is based, the writer reimagined the Question as an urban shaman who goes into a trance like state upon inhaling the bonding gas, which has now been retconned as a hallucinogen. While in this trance, he can speak with cities (really him speaking in embarrassingly weird slam poetry and listening to random bits of passing conversations) by accessing their chi, and the city can give him clues to his objective. That's not the only use of his shamanistic powers, but that's all you really need to know right now.

Why did I explain all this? Well, you're about to see. Roll the first page:

"Speak to me, Hub City."

"It's bad, man..."

"... it might be cancer..."

"... worse than anything I've ever seen."

"Tell me your secrets, oh vile seductress of the innocent children."

"We're in deep shit..."

"... they're making a move tonight..."

"... I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Where might this move be, oh crime-ridden terminal tumor of the world?"

"This warehouse I just got, for..."

"... some fucked up shit, man..."

"... it's over by the docks, can't miss it."

"Your help is appreciated, oh desperate drug-adled whore begging for dope." With these words, you turn and leave.

The sky above is a pleasant orange color, the sun just about to set. Clouds float around waiting to dissipate into nothingness, birds chirp a delightful song, and down below the ordinary people make their way to and from work, buying Venti soy mocha coffees with a light whip, unaware of or perhaps blissfully involved in the dark underbelly of the city.

They cannot see that day by day their beloved city is falling apart slowly, painfully.

You can See.

They cannot hear its pleas for help.

You can Hear.

They can only walk in the mundane world.

You walk between two worlds.


Now, right at the start you can see I'm hopping right into the action. No real set-up, just dropping you right into the world. Now, the description will contain the same basic information I've left here (although far less in depth) so people entirely new to the character will have something to go on.

Anyway, tell me what you think I suppose, I gotta get back to work and I'll try to keep up with weekly progress reports every Wednesday from now on.