Members to Seek Out

by JJJ-thebanisher

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 Note: This was actually written by Ugilick. It will hopefully be transfered to his account soon.

Members of CYS


A willingness to learn about CYS, and knowledge about the Private Message system.

The Owners:

Alexp - Alexp is the bill payer and father of Chooseyourstory. He handles all the technical parts of the site. Search out Alexp if you have a question about the inner workings of the site. Don't expect an answer any time soon though, Alexp is a busy guy and rarely logs on anymore, that said, Alexp has never quit on the site, and is the sole commander of the feature wishing well and is the only person (as far as I know) to create a CYOA movie.

March5th00 - March5th00 was the game tester and featured game chooser of the site. He hasn't been on in awhile so don't expect an answer to any question you send him. March was the backbone of the site for a long time, however he isn't on as anymore. His name comes from Chocobot’s predicted Apocalypse (March 5th 2000)

Chocobot - Chocobot is the graphic designer for the site. Every graphic on this site was drawn by Chocobot is MS paint He hasn't been on in awhile so don't expect an answer to your questions any time soon. Were he ever on you could Ask him about graphics for the site. Chocobot is the author of the hardest game on the site, Jurassic Fairview park. He is in the military so his access to computers is limited.

The Admins

Solostrike - Solostrike is the admin who spends the least time on the site. So don't expect an answer too quickly, he is very capable of answering any questions about the game creator. Solostrike is also head of articles and has had the highest point scores on the site in the past. He also won the biggest contest in CYS history with his amazing Cryptode.

Havacoman - Havacoman is no longer active. In his time of activity he found many bugs, proposed many good features, and wrote several very helpful articles. He also accumulated a huge number of forum posts.

Fleshnblood_78 - Fleshnblood_78 or Nate is online on occasion and could potentionaly get back to you quickly. He is perfectly qualified to talk and answer questions about mostly all the games on the site. Nate has a real knack for writing and has been with the site for AGES. For a time he had also read and rated 100% of the games on the site, which in its time was a feat unmatched to be sure!

JJJ-thebanisher - JJJ-thebanisher/3J/ is by far the most active of the admins and will answer any and all question about anything you want answered with almost same day answers without fail. 3J is fluent in scripting and has been on the site for longer than almost any of the other active members, he also has the leading point score on the site, and is head admin. He has eight published story and six featured stories. Currently he has read all the published CYS stories to date.

madglee - madglee is one of the more active admins and is happy to answer any questions you might have. He has written some of the best stories on the site, to include mommy can I go out and kill tonight. (as of the date of this writing), he has, two featured games, and may approve articles.

Sethaniel- sethaniel is one of those rare, awesome people who doesn’t make very many posts, but when they post, it’s worth reading. He is also an accomplished writer with 9 published stories, 5 of which are featured. He has recently come back from a long absence so it’s likely he will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Tsmpaul- tsmpaul is no longer active, but during his time at CYS he made a long lasting mark with several stories, many of which are featured.

The Users.

Zikara- When it comes to scripting there are few members who have made more impressive leaps and bounds than Zikara. She is also willing to pass her knowledge on to you, so seek her out for excellent advice on scripting.

Zero- Zero is undeniably one of the smartest members on the site and can speak on any of a large number of philosophical topics. If you’re in to that sort of thing, he is your guy. However don’t expect him to be on often as he has important things to do.

October- October is less active than Zikara but is notable for all the same reasons; He has also been on the site for a lot longer than a majority of other active members. October has also written five articles, additionally he is one of the few holders of the top rater trophies

Ugilick- although not a very important member of the site, ugilick will gladly play test your story games for you. He also sends out a constant stream of welcome messages to new members and boasts an impressive dueling record.


PM - To contact someone, PM them. Only if their PM's are disabled should you post on the forums.

Co-author - About Co-authoring, don't ask any Administrators or owners to co-author your game if you are afraid of rejection. Most of us are really busy. A couple of good bets for co-authors are: cool74, fergie14233, NeverMind, ThisisBo, and SindriV.