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Three years ago, in a fit of heated political tension, the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone exploded and now the Earth has begun to slip into a new ice age. For those in the closed-off mining town of Norilsk, Siberia, the resource train did not arrive last week. Food and fuel are becoming scarce. A young teen decides to take matters in his own hands. Authors note: Fixed the dead links that blocked over half the game from being accessed. Sorry about that.

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Because you're an Asshole and because you go around screaming "I'm better than you." Twat.

What are we reading now? on 1/15/2020 1:55:53 PM
The Art Of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill. It's excessively interesting and 100% full of useful information that simply can't (and isn't) put into EE courses these days. On the lighter reading side, I'm reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, a book about self-improvement and management skills in a career/executive context, and Deep Down Things by Bruce Schumm, a lighter physics text that goes from basic physics to very complicated and interesting physics all in a readable amount and without a concentration on the math portion. I don't have much time to sit down with a book these days but I try to read a bit every night before bed. My jam right now is The Art Of Electronics, but my "bathroom reading" tends to be Deep Down Things. If I can't sleep, I read The Effective Executive on my phone using the kindle app.

2019: Objective Weighing of Value thread on 1/15/2020 12:39:01 PM
>no promises ok bye

& on 1/13/2020 1:32:24 PM
The dark master was pleasantly surprised to welcome such an esteemed guest into his lair. Her majestic features drew the eye from top to bottom: long pointed ears, a slender face, and hour-glass curves that could make any mortal drool. "Care for a drink?" he asked, materializing a table of live wood from the shadows. "Tea first." she said graciously. End was keen to the fact Mizal wanted to discuss a serious matter first before moving on to a less serious, alcoholic, conversation. He materialized his drink-master from the shadows, who bowed in the presence of both. "How are you these days, Tim?" Mizal asked. Tim poured a fresh pot of the finest tea leaves into two cups while the Master and his guest sat. "Very well. Thank you." Tim properly answered. "An aged special on your way back, Tim." End waved him away at this request. Tim bowed and disappeared into the shadows once more. "So what is the tea-time-topic?" End asked humorously.

Mizal took a sip of the fine drink, feeling the rejuvination of the curated leaves trail about her body. In a sigh of regret she said "Unfortunately, this topic requires the utmost confidentiality. If you wouldn't mind, I'd be greatful if we were in a more private area."

End nodded in understanding, releasing his full divinity over their immediate surroundings, and creating a new reality in which they could discuss things in private. Once out of the eyes of reality and the gods which preside over it, Mizal bared her shoulder. "I'm not interested in you that way." End said, sipping from his cup of tea. Mizal rolled her eyes and turned away, revealing down to her hip on one side. The dark master recognized the severity of what he saw: a black hand print embedded into her skin, emitting a magic as ominous as his own. "I have some questions." Mizal said with suspiscion and a touch of ferosity, redressing her side and sitting back down at the tea table.

"It's not of my own," End started, "and, as long as you resist the callings, you will be fine. Had you been any lesser a being, you would be wrought with madness and driven to a place which exists and yet doesn't. It is beyond my control, anyone's control."

Mizal twitched once, "It has killed those around me and seeks my power."

"It will continue until you die. I can help to seal it, lessening the effects of the calling and severing its influence from your life - but it will persist as long as I. It has persisted through countless realities and countless more it will find its way." End said, finishing his tea.

Mizal finished her tea with a final gulp. "What is 'it'?"

End's power subsided and allowed them both to return to the reality they know best. He materialized a thick book of ancient magic from the shadows and turned to a page with the same blackened hand print.

"The Labyrinth"

Preventing Pagescripts from Affecting Items on 1/13/2020 10:47:22 AM
Link scripts are CYS scripts not HTML that effects the links. A solution that won't be as elegant as the one BD might provide sometime later would be to use css selectors and give the links some attribute of font-style: normal with an !important mixed in there so it persists.

Preventing Pagescripts from Affecting Items on 1/13/2020 10:42:36 AM
Probably could've just put an !important on your item desc css but if you figured out a solutiong ood for you. Now would be a great time to tell you that items on CYS are jank as fuck and BD has previously worked on some custom JS item system. Dunno if he ever finished it but iirc he did some proof of concept stuff with it and it looked ezpz. Might be worth checking out.

& on 1/9/2020 9:45:26 PM
Mayana felt a slight dizziness. Her mind did not comprehend being at a different elevation, location, and climate in an instant. During the initial dizziness Mayana layed low to the ground and scrounged up leaves and mud to cover herself quickly but quietly. Though she was over a mile away from her target she was not one to underestimate a formidable opponent. End sat idle, chatting to his partner in tea. Thara was dressed very regally, she was probably only there for decoration.

Once the initial effects of teleportation subsided, Mayana had to move quick - her vantage point would be a ways up a tree. She managed her time well despite being in a rush. Ensuring that no branches broke or creaked on her way up and remaining out of view from her target until she found a good branch to rest on with a clear shot.

Wind was 9.65 mph through the valley, enough for the whistling foliage to cover any sounds she might have made. A storm was blowing in from the East but still far off. Tea time was almost done. In her golden moment, as soon as End stood up, she fired. A beam of ultra-bright light trailed across the valley for no more than the barest moment. It could've easily been mistaken for lightning in the distance by anyone not looking directly at her.

She was already back on the boat, in the hull where she teleported from, suffering from the dizziness but breathing a sigh of relief. She got up slowly and unzipped a portion of her suit to cool off. Coming up to the bow to get a cool refreshing splash of the ocean air, she found her body had gone cold with fear. "Nice shot." End said, staring out at the ocean. A sickening feeling overcame Mayana, one that caused the training inside her to slowly reach for the pistol at her hip. She wouldn't be aiming for End this time. Just as End turned to see her, Mayana shot down into the hull causing Thara's head to explode.

The dark overlord had no face, not that she would be able to see it anyways, but she could tell he was smiling despite this. The cold of darkness enveloped her. "You're the third." End said, pulling her into a cloud of darkness punctuated only by faint and distant stars. Mayana didn't know what he meant, but she was prepared to die. Just before leaving the reality she once knew, she could hear Thara being choked beside her, "We can be cell-sisters. You'll love daddy's punishment room."

They both went unconscious and the boat now boasted beating its personal best for quickest de-boarding. The boat was getting a bit pretentious now.

& on 1/8/2020 5:02:29 PM
She reviewed the schedule Thara had given her and decided the best opportunity would arise in one months time. But the second best opportunity would be in only three and a half hours. End would be visiting an old friend who lived in a desolate mountain area. He would have one cup of tea on a balcony - open to the natural world for a minute or two. The balcony overlooked a river valley, and on the other side of that valley would be the place for Mayana to be. Exact coordinates were provided with every time entry of the schedule. Did Thara know about the teleportation technology? It wouldn't surprise her.

Mayana went through the motions. One teleport in - the coordinates were set with five minutes to go. Put the teleport trigger on the end of her barrel, such that when the bullet leaves the barrel she'd teleport back instantly. One teleport back to the boat. She wouldn't know whether her shot hit or not, but she would never miss. Two minutes, she got in position, planning to teleport on a little known abandoned trail that led to a mine a hundred or so years ago. She would move swiftly from there - echolocating a small clearing and ensuring her rifle was aimed at the correct coordinates. Wind wouldn't matter - the shot would be travelling close to the speed of light. It would leave a ray of light back to her location, but by the time anyone could investigate she would be long gone on a boat out in the middle of the ocean.

Thirty seconds to the first teleport, End should be just sitting down on the balcony with his friend and Thara standing by somewhere close. Mayana was prepared for any physical effects of the teleportation, carrying some sickness pills and headache medicine.

A stationary boat with a single passenger on board in the middle of the ocean had become a world record holder for the fastest de-boarding of any sea fairing vessel. The boat felt proud of its accomplishment, though nobody would ever know if it.

& on 1/8/2020 4:36:11 PM
"How's my favorite blind person doing today?" Ford said in his usual unbearable tone.

"God I hate hearing your voice." Mayana said in disgust, "I need gear. Money is of no concern."

"So I've heard." Ford replied, "Your benefactor has made a generous donation on your behalf - it should cover a good 75% of the costs. The rest, well, I suppose you won't be needing any of your current funds. In fact I've already had them tranferred over and your 'gear' is being made as we speak. I'll need to know of any particular specifications in the next eight hours - you can forward them to 4012D-PRXBTL9-MFGD00-MFR01. Would you like fries with that?"

Mayana hung up. She thought of all the things she would need and crypto-messaged them to the ID Ford gave her. Some of her requests were simply "the best you can do" while others were specific to the shape and type of brass used in the bullets.

Fourteen hours after the call, a drone with the package flew low over Mayana's boat, dropping the crate nearby into the ocean where it would float for a minute or so while Mayana used a scanner on the security code on the package to ensure it was not only from Ford but not a bomb. After confirming, she floated her vessel closer and hauled the crate from the oceans surface. Popping it open and throwing out the packaging directly into the virgin sea she found what she expected and more. A packet of information about the gear was included - printed in braille.

These were no ordinary weapons - these were weapons of light blessed by paladins and triple dipped in the holy grail. Centered with gold and sparing no expense on the precision and accuracy of everything built. The stealth was important - thermoptic camoflauge would make Mayana cold but invisible for as long as her body could provide the appropriate amount of heat to power the tactical suit. It was simple thin fabric - if she was caught, then protection would be useless so she had specified to skip it in favor of mobility and silence. She suited up and loaded her rifle. It was the smoothest and most silent she's ever loaded any gun. "God damn." Mayana wished she could keep it, but a custom job requires a custom tool - and she wouldn't need it outside of this application.

A footnote of the braille packet read about experimental technology. "You'll probably die if you use it more than twice." it said. Mayana gulped, "Instant teleportation." her suit would not be able to be thermoptically camoflauged but if she could strategize around teleportation - she could have a better chance of surviving. One teleport there, followed by her shot, and one teleport out. Then what? she thought. Laying as low as possible for the rest of her life would be her best option. Where she would do so, she could not think at that moment. An overwhelming amount of things were to be considered in the time leading up to her assassination job: Kill EndMaster.

~ on 1/8/2020 4:58:36 AM

"HELL ON EARTH!" the God of Hellfire bellowed. The top layer of soil for miles began to melt, congealing into a dark igneous rock. Any moisture in the air vaporized, raising the ambient temperature in the surrounding desert to several hundred degrees instantly - and rising. The Hellfire God was engulfed in blackened plasma and fires rose high in the distance: an impenetrable wall of flame thousands of feet high was found in every direction. The sky blackened as though the heavens themselves had been torched to a crisp. Mizal's body began to feel the affects of the rising temperature and surrounding flames but she remained focused.

The mountains in the distance, once unseen due to the towering flames covering their visage, were visible once more. The God of Hellfire stood shocked. Fueled by rage and absolute hatred the Hellfire God burned a solid black which soon concentrated into a ball about her stature. "Few have driven me to such passions," the God shook the land, it was as though her voice came from the sky, "fewer have survived. Mortals are not among them." Within the black, the truest proof of divinity shined: stars far off in the cosmos, the heavens themselves and their powers surrounded the small cricket which hovered central to this ball of divine fire.

Mizal stood strong and proud, unmoving at this meager display of power. The Hellfire God took initiative while the mountains in the distance were rising at a pace she could keep up with. "Taketh." the God spoke calmly, instantly vaporizing Mizal's legs with a wave of divine fire. Mizals' connection to her spiritual solitude was momentarily cut - was negligence to blame or inexperience? Mizal thought as she woke from her intense focus and made an attempt to reconnect with the Earth. The Hellfire God would not have it. Mizal was launched into the upper atmosphere by the very flames which cut her legs prior. "My divine fire is versatile," the Hellfire God spoke, "for example, I will not burn you - as that has proven no good. I will burn your memories. I will burn every last bit of your being from your own mind and burn those held closest within. Burn! Burn! BURN!"

Mizals body was alight with the divine flames which caused pain unlike any other. She did not even flinch at the physical pain - but this fire was different. It attacked what she held dear and within.


The earliest memories burned first. Her family, her friends, her home. It all burned. The manipulation of her thoughts through these evil divine means made her burn inside. All the way down to the self - it burned.

I'm the reason.

Mizals yester-years burned. Her dreams, wonder, and origin. The self was a powerful psychological power intertwined with her fate. All of it evaporated, engulfed in the flames of doubt and hatred for what she is.

I'm the blame.

Her life would go next - experiences of the lows and highs, her enjoyment of peace burned as though it was never known in the first place. Her feelings that were to never show as a neutral body burned passionately and with rage. Anger overtook her outlook. Her very frame of reference burned away to ash.

I will never be the same.

Mizal was falling from a great height - overlooking the lands she was once a part of. She no longer percieved herself, but she felt this view was mirroring her.

Mirror-mirror tell the truth of the old ones and the youth.

Of the things we hide deep from ourselves.

The last of her consciousness burned bright. Her hollow body fell deeper through the atmosphere reaching closer to the rocky mirror. She was not begging and her curiosity had only the faintest embers left. Mizal looked into the abyss of her own existence and, as was true beyond a God's control, the abyss looked back.

Mirror-mirror show me now: What will I become, and how?

The self was burned to a crisp - Mizal was gone forever.

For now I'm just the Mountain.


A limp body of one that no longer recognized their existance neared the ground, falling aimlessly. An unexpected event for the God of Hellfire followed. The scream which rivaled the voice of a God shook the land: "I AM THE MOUNTAIN!!!"

The mountains which once dotted the distance were upon the God of Hellfire. A great golem, miles high, towered before the puny god. The Hellfire God acted swiftly - ensuring full coverage of the golem with the divine flames. There was no self to burn though. It was as though the planet itself fought without flinching or burning. The golem reached down - undermining the majority of the desert and ripping out the Earth from beneath the crust. The God of Hellfire thought quickly what the next move was - and it came at the behest of her anger: Lothric was being lifted in the swell of earth as well. "GOD DAMMIT!" the God said ironically, using half of her remaining divine powers to slash the golems fingers and the chunk of planet it had uprooted - letting Lothric fall somewhat unharmed back to the ground.

It would do no good to continue using the divine flame. She calmed to a heated blue-black plasma for one last attack with the remaining power she had. "I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE!" her declaration was drowned by the sound of the golem roaring with effort, "AND I BRING YOU - FIRE!" Cricket concentrated the remaining ultra-hot flame into a blade, a mere inch wide but several miles long, stretching from the ground to the sky above. As the golem threw the God of Hellfire, the blade of flame cut it in half.

It was too late though - the Hellfire God hurtled through the upper atmosphere and, one "well shit." later, the landmass which the small bug was pressed against crashed into the lunar surface, cracking the moon and sending a chunk of it flying off with the once gravity-bound landmass. A sacrificial chunk of Earth was sent into deep space for the greater good of the world.