1st and the Last of the Ninja

Player Rating5.95/8

"#70 overall, #2 for 2014"
based on 439 ratings since 06/27/2019
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Story Difficulty8/8

"mosie through a minefield"

Play Length7/8

"It keeps going and going"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Here's to a ninja choose your story...

You are an orphan. You do not know anything about your parents. You have never even met them before the hand of fate swept them away from you. All you know is that they died on October the 10th, the day the monstrous creature struck your village.

You remember growing up in an orphanage. Neither the adults nor the children there cared for you. Everyone avoided you for some reason. Even then, you felt like there is something you can do to change their opinion, until today. For today is the day that they have unanimously decided to kick you out.        

Note: Story's going to take me 1000 years to finish writing it, so please don't get mad if you wait and it takes forever to update.      

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Player Comments

1.Naruto Uzumaki
2. 2331
3. This is first time any fan fiction made me watch/rewatch the entire Naruto series. That's saying something brother. I am impressed. And thanks for that ex.
-- PH4N70M on 8/18/2019 12:06:30 PM with a score of 110
Pretty fun
-- ShuradoShikoten on 8/7/2019 9:43:27 AM with a score of 190
1.Naruto Uzamaki
3. The story is good however I think it would have been more interesting if it was oc instead of mc. That way the story would have been more unpredictable.
-- Panda0002 on 7/28/2019 5:31:35 AM with a score of 52
1.Naruto Uzamaki
2.The story is interesting
3.The Way the story is slightly changed adds a bit of mystery to the narrative
-- Nisui on 7/27/2019 9:07:09 PM with a score of 41
Main Char is Naruto Uzumaki

Current post count is 2276. Hope it didn't change.

As for how this game is, it has a load of potential. I've been looking for a game like this for a while, and though I'd rather play as an OC/reader, I do like the idea of playing as the MC and changing his fate around with my choices. Good going on it and thanks for making the game. Looking forward to playing the next part!
-- Thundorez1 on 7/17/2019 4:44:28 PM with a score of 166
1: Naruto
2: 2276
3:Seems interesting, Naruto is by and far a deep series with lots of connections between its characters. An aspect, which I feel suits an interactive story such as this. One personal gripe is ,at least in the opening scenes, the characters seem to lack... well character their dialogues ,especially the main characters, seem bland and kinda boring. Would appreciate more diverse options in dialogues but with a series as deep as Naruto behind it this game has amazing potential and I'd love to see it grow.
-- Jimmy396 on 6/7/2019 9:56:12 PM with a score of 34
1: The main character is Naruto

2: Your post count is 2276

3: Currently the story I believe is alright. I say this because I’m not entirely sure if the main character is supposed to be the player or if it’s actually Naruto. I assume you’re just using the name Naruto for simplicity’s sake. But the issue I have is that the dialogue options for Naruto don’t have much variety, they all seem to be something a bitter or cynical Naruto would say. This restricts the freedom the player has to make Naruto mean or nice. I would say make at least 3 types of dialogue options, one mean for an evil Naruto, one nice for a Naruto like the anime, and a neutral one for a third option if the player doesn’t want the other two.

One other thing is with the training ground. I assume that there’s not a level cap and enemies leveling with the player stronger is intended to maintain a challenge. However, once I got the level 4 it was extremely difficult (if not impossible) to defeat enemies even at training ground 0. I will keep trying and see if I can find a solution but it wasn’t very beginner friendly. I would suggest the current training ground system be applied to the forest of death and change the training ground (TG) up. My suggestion is to make a certain number of TGs with each one having enemies of certain levels. I think 15 TGs is fine, but have TG 0 have level 0 enemies and each subsequent TG will increase the enemies’ levels by 2. So TG 0 has level 0 enemies, TG 1 has level 2 enemies, TG 2 has level 4 enemies and so on. Then you can add more TGs as you develop the story more.

Of course this is all just my suggestions and I really enjoy what you’re doing. I really hope you continue developing this until it’s completion!
-- Kingame on 6/2/2019 3:34:38 PM with a score of 394
1. Naruto
2. 2276
3.It's a good start, though the fact that sleeping doesn't work forces you to finish the story within 96 hours.
-- rpark10 on 5/29/2019 12:03:33 PM with a score of 148
I think it’s a cool idea but it would be best to branch out from cannon
-- Jonah on 5/28/2019 8:57:00 PM with a score of 92
1. Naruto
2. 2278 i think
3.This game has caught my interest, especially since I like Naruto so much. Definitely going to keep playing.
-- Dizastorm on 5/16/2019 2:43:00 PM with a score of 192
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