A Titanic Experience

Player Rating5.25/8

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Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a Snickers®"

Maturity Level4/8

"need to be accompanied by an adult"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.

You know the story and have probably seen the film; now you can experience what the disaster was really like for those who were there.

Authors Note: This story is about 90% historically accurate, every event and spoken word occurred in identical or similar form, though to prevent this becoming a comedy I had to change some of the speech (things like "I say old man, that is frightfully sporting" has become "That is very decent of you"). On the bright side you should not find Jack and Rose running around in this story :)


Player Comments

It's hard to find a well made edutainment storygame on this site, and I can assure you that this is pretty well made. I can see the thought and willpower that went into this.

When I first saw the title, I was expecting the predictable, being a survivor on the Titanic, having small misadventures throughout the ship with facts left and right, but no. In the beginning you could pick which ship you were on. This surprised me, because I didn't expect too much.

Instead, what I got was an enjoyable, historically accurate piece of work with a bunch of paths to try out. Keep up the great work, and make the edutainment category great again!
-- Zephyrme2847 on 8/22/2016 3:43:12 AM
Great read!
-- KLeGrand141 on 3/29/2018 9:40:30 PM
I enjoy it because of how simple it is. And how you can choose various perspectives. I enjoy how each perspective from crew to passengers are different. 8/8, I also Recommend it to a newcomer like me!
-- Ugandan_Knuckles on 1/10/2018 12:39:30 PM
A brilliant game with many perspectives. Good job!
-- TestingJest on 9/21/2017 11:31:30 PM
Enjoyable and compelling, contemplative. An unusually serious offering. Approaching this from a logical tactical perspective is unnecessary. There is no adrenaline rush to be had for success, as it is not that kind of book. Ambitious to use the gamebook medium to handle such a tragedy. The terse writing style normal to gamebooks doesn't work here, more description is needed. Worth a read, but not worth playing more than once in my opinion.
-- Joe on 2/14/2017 11:54:48 PM
This is pretty good!
-- ZombieGamer9188 on 2/14/2017 7:22:32 PM
Not very involved. Definitely researched.
-- Quorrah on 1/11/2017 10:32:22 PM
This was amazing! I don't understand why it's only a 5. Thanks for writing.
-- MsGwinn on 11/23/2016 12:29:03 AM
good game 10/10
-- gamer god on 6/24/2016 3:11:33 AM
Next time can you make one about the estonia disaster
-- History on 6/16/2016 11:21:59 AM
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