American Outlaws: The Dillinger Gang

a Edutainment by Will11

Commended by BerkaZerka on 3/3/2017 8:51:24 AM

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Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

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"It'll be a while, better grab a SnickersĀ®"

Maturity Level3/8

"must be at least this tall to play"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.
It is 1933 and America is in its fourth year of Depression. There is widespread anger at the banks and at the forces of justice. Against this backdrop the charismatic and carefree John Dillinger has emerged to lead a gang of hardened bank robbers and killers in challenging the American Government and the newly-formed FBI. You are one of his gang who rob the wealthiest banks in the country to buy the best life has to offer. The forces of justice will relentlessly pursue you and it is only by surviving deadly gunfights and high-speed chases that you will be able to stay ahead of them... Author's Note: Though the next story in this series should be Butch Cassidy's Hole in the Wall Gang I decided to skip forward a bit and write about a smaller group operating in a different time than my previous two stories which were set in the Old West. Dillinger was one of the closest examples of a Robin Hood type criminal that America has yet produced and I hope the reader enjoys reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Player Comments

I made it all the way through. No surrender, no retreat and "no funny stuff".
-- Dan Cooper on 3/13/2017 1:21:40 AM with a score of 132400
3 in a row of good gang stories...

Absolutely nice. You managed to retain the format of choices used in your two previous stories of gangs.

Only shortcoming was it coulda been a bit longer, but that's it. I thoroughly enjoyed your three gang stories, and I sure hope the fourth will be enjoyed as well.

Worth it all be cents stored in ze basement. 6/8.
-- AgentX on 3/4/2017 5:58:24 AM with a score of 164200
KILLED is 6.
SCORE is 160000.

Huh, I killed more people than Baby Face Nelson.

As for the storygame itself; just as good as the last ones, although I found more grammar and spelling mistakes and some sentences could be re-written to flow better. But overall, it was another fantastic storygame.
-- Bannerlord on 3/3/2017 11:13:29 AM with a score of 160000
Well written and enjoyable to read.
-- Kat on 3/2/2017 10:44:43 AM with a score of 159800
I wonder how well I did. I managed to survive and not get imprisoned on my first try
-- Alex on 3/2/2017 10:12:16 AM with a score of 160000
KILLED is 7.
SCORE is 162000.

Stop making these games. They're far too fun and distracting. At this rate, I'll never get any work done.

Seriously though. Kudos on another great game. Who would have thought that being a psychopathic murderer would help in being a bank robber? Apparently this guy. Way to show me what kind of robber I'd really be.
-- Tyrannosaurusrex on 3/1/2017 9:00:42 PM with a score of 162000
A very interesting game. I try not to rate lightly, but I would give this a 7.5.
-- El_Jeffiablo on 3/1/2017 7:54:30 PM with a score of 31000
Awesome game! I'm amazed I even survived at all on this one try. In the beginning I was always being as non-violent as possible and just sticking to bank robberies, but before long I ended up killing as many people as possible just to stay alive. It's interesting how it escalated like that.
-- Saika on 3/1/2017 9:11:07 AM with a score of 136600
Viva la Cuba!
-- Pogostick on 2/28/2017 5:31:44 PM with a score of 164000
Amazing work as always, Will.
-- TharaApples on 2/28/2017 5:27:13 PM with a score of 164200
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