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How well do you know the Incredible Facts About The Awesome Chuck Norris?

25 Questions with Scoring

Player Comments

I feel like I've gone back in a time machine to primary school. Although I stopped finding Chuck Norris jokes funny years ago, I think you did a decent job with this quiz. The questions were easy to understand and there were a decent number of them, and I liked the review of your answers at the end (especially how the colour of your selection would change depending on if you answered the question correctly or not).
-- October on 7/1/2013 12:59:40 PM with a score of 21
Very nice, a few questions were too easy, but you did a very good job.
-- ThisisBo on 4/28/2012 9:39:49 PM with a score of 21
Quiz was amusing, and you put a good deal of effort into the ending.

I gave it a 6, because it needed more chuck norris.
-- Killa_Robot on 4/28/2012 2:32:32 AM with a score of 21
Chuck Norris is old by now but he’s still relevant in my heart.
-- Unlondon on 11/24/2020 10:11:11 PM with a score of 11
I’m not worthy,
-- Exponential on 5/14/2020 2:03:56 PM with a score of 25
I don't know why this exists.
It probably shouldn't exist.
Now I question my own existence.
Thanks a lot.
-- ImpiriTonggali on 4/16/2020 8:29:07 PM with a score of 18
Forever my senses have been dead, now...
-- Pancake the Eviscerator on 12/4/2019 5:32:05 PM with a score of 20
Chuck Norris would be offended by the notion that someone would have to choose just one of these options, when they all obviously apply.
-- Gower on 8/28/2019 7:50:15 PM with a score of 12
very funny :)
-- Skeltro105 on 7/8/2019 2:24:18 PM with a score of 6
I don't know if this is meant to be funny, and I don't know if I'm offending you in any way, but this is seriously funny.
No problems with grammar, and since this is a quiz, I didn't expect you to describe stuff or anything.
Not the questions are funny, but the options and the ending. I only got 7 marks. Probably because I get too carried away laughing until my funny bone breaks.
Good quiz there, I see that you put effort into it. Rated 5/8
-- StoryTurtle on 6/28/2019 11:13:27 AM with a score of 7
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