Greetings from Elsweyr

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Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.


You wake up on a cart, immediately shivering from the cold. The last place you remember is your cozy home. Except, it wasn't cozy when the frail walls were being trampled by soldiers. You blacked out and woke up here, on a cart.

Will you be a thief, a warrior, a mage, maybe?
Will you survive what faces you?

Player Comments

Potential here, but the endings are capital L Lame. This was really short, and although pretty creative, the opportunity for and adventure was painfully present... but it was not to be, because you either go to jail or get killed by a dragon. Adventure(?).
-- GMB13carat on 7/7/2015 2:10:25 PM
I love the Elder Scrolls setting so I wanted to like this, but it's so short and come on...the only choices are getting dragged back to prison or incinerated by a dragon? Or is it that you only get doomed to a horrible fate if you happen to be female? (And if so...uh, why?)

I did laugh when the toothpick lockpick immediately broke. A rare and appreciated bit of realism there.

-- mizal on 6/26/2015 9:46:41 AM
Just like M'aiq said. :P
-- Raven47 on 6/22/2015 7:52:03 PM
Enjoyable stories require logical developments and reasons for the fates that your decisions trigger, I think that is this game's main drawback. If you can justify the results of our choices I think your fairly decent writing style will lead to an enjoyable game :)
-- Will11 on 6/22/2015 7:10:28 PM
M'aiq thinks you do a great disservice to the franchise.
-- M'aiq the Liar on 6/21/2015 4:48:18 PM
You know, I never liked those storygames here that have those kind of battles with one sentence on each page and where you die just because you chose to punch and not to kick. I mean, how the hell would we know what to do?

This was not very bad but very good at all. It had that kind of battle scene. It also lacked more description and detail to make the images appear before my mind clearer.
-- Penworth on 6/20/2015 8:36:07 PM
Meh... Not many fanfics based on TES, but this... Wasn't that good.
-- Chris113022 on 6/20/2015 6:15:15 PM
This is most certainly an Elder Scrolls fanfiction, but not really a Skyrim fanfiction, as far as I've read. Last I checked, Elsweyr and Skyrim were very, very far apart.
-- ISentinelPenguinI on 6/20/2015 5:11:11 PM
Hey, Skyrim! One of my most favorite games of all time :D

I think the biggest problem with this game were the unpredictable nature of the outcomes of the choices. You should have a sense of what's to come after choosing a choice, through means such as build-up or knowledge from what the story told us. For example, if I want to make it back to Helgen, you should have told us or hinted to us at least that there would be a dragon. For example, the protaganist might hear a guard mutter about rumors of a dragon on the path to Helgen. Point is, the outcome of the choices shouldn't be random.

I liked how the female and male branches were different, but what I didn't like were how they ended so abruptly. Considering this IS of the Skyrim universe, the paths could have been fleshed out so much, which is really the biggest offense.

I really wanted -- expected -- much more from this story. Right now you just have the foundations, but you need to flesh out the plot(s), the character themselves (or at least give us a means to define ourselves) and the world we are in.

-- FazzTheMan on 6/20/2015 4:37:01 PM
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