HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Rule 1: Unless your story is at least 100 pages long you shouldn't divide it into parts and pay some attention to choosing the correct Maturity, Difficulty and Tags for your story.

As I happen to be on holiday for the first time in about 900 years I've managed to write a little story game offering some examples I've brainstormed or seen recently in badly-written stories of how not to write. Like it's older cousin, The Land of Bad Writing, this story uses examples of bad writing as a way of showing how not to write and I don't have any one story in mind particularly in writing this, just practitioners of bad writing in general.

I've decided to base this story on Pokemon for no other reason than the fact Fan Fiction requires less creativity than most other styles of writing and because Pokemon reminds me of when I was a little Will11 and I, my ten brothers (all coincidently called Will as well) and my nine sisters (the Wilmas 1 to 9) would gather behind the nuclear waste and anthrax testing facility in the woods outside our little trailer park called Asbetos to trade black market Pokemon cards for Plutonium with a mixture of Gypsies, Elves and the Dutch... basically I'm writing about Pokemon because I'm feeling a little Nostalgic today :D

(Rule 1.5: Don't write lengthy and pointless descriptions offering fake autobiographies to your readers).

Player Comments

Excellent satire of very poor writing and storygame crafting! I enjoyed every page/rule! It's like a 10 commandments with 10 more. Can never quite give enough advice for first time writers. I remember even my own ambition with my first works; ambition can easily get the better of you.

What was done well: I am not sure if you planned it, but I love how the title is so long, it covers the sidebar! Well done! The snark is great while still showing how good your writing can actually be. You managed to map the rules well so that they flowed with your ah... 'story'. It is fitting that it can be read in one sitting.

Room for improvement: Can't think of much to put here, but I will say this -- maybe make some of your examples of what to do a bit longer. As one with experience, I can understand a rule just at face value. If a novice were reading this, I am sure they would want a thorough example, as with the rule to make characters with different names have different personalities. I would have liked to see a little more there. It came out looking more redundant than it did hive-minded as you had intended. I could also just be nit-picking.

Overall: Great work and great advice. Now I wish I had made a HOW TO NOT WRITE a comment. Oh well.
-- Shyshaeia on 1/21/2018 7:05:00 PM
This is so true. I always find these writing styles everywhere! Thanks for making it easy for anyone to understand that there are rules for writing and that criticism is helpful! Great work! :)
-- DragonsHidden on 2/26/2018 1:04:20 PM
-- mad gamz on 2/19/2018 10:27:11 AM
Okay, WHAT THE ACTUAL (cencored)!!!
-- Stormfeather on 1/30/2018 5:55:09 PM
-- CHARLIE on 1/16/2018 12:04:29 AM
Entertaining and helpful tips for new writers
-- HorrorFanatic on 1/9/2018 8:16:17 PM
Will be revisiting often, hilarious and helpful.
-- Keelo_Ron on 1/3/2018 4:00:06 PM
"So just to recap, no hating and only nice comments please, any comparisons between me and JK Rowling will be especially appreciated because as my mother pointed out there are a lot of similarities between my writing style and hers (we both use words and sentences for instance)."


P.S. I think Will11 and J.K. Rowling are the same person!!!1!1
-- Guest11 on 12/30/2017 4:35:50 PM
Very helpful for someone wants to write a story. Good job!
-- EunHa on 12/19/2017 8:07:32 AM
So. Goddam. Funny.
-- Isabella on 12/18/2017 8:36:12 PM
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