Phoenix Suns GM Simulator

Player Rating2.73/8

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based on 66 ratings since 08/18/2015
played 299 times (finished 26)

Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length4/8

"A well spent lunch break"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
Stories with this maturity level will not, by design, have any potentially objectionable content. An example of a type story with this rating would be a quiz on mathematics.


Phoenix Suns GM Simulator

This RPG is ment for the use of the Bright Side of the Sun community. if you are not a suns fan, a good chance is you will not get this.

Player Comments

I found this surprisingly endearing. It's very different than other storygames and although it is rather linear, it felt vaguely satisfactory. You do have some looping pages, however, and the spelling and grammar really needs more attention, but the overall concept is a good one.
-- Saika on 6/12/2017 7:27:29 AM
Interesting concept. I liked it. However, there were many grammar mistakes and this could have been made a whole lot better.
-- Penworth on 8/14/2015 5:04:18 AM
Great idea
-- jack davis on 8/14/2015 1:23:03 AM
I'm not a suns fan so I didn't get this :D Still, it seems well written and fun for those in the know :)
-- Will11 on 8/13/2015 11:40:50 PM
It's cool, just needs to be more in depth and longer.
-- creep on 8/13/2015 1:43:59 PM
First off I'm not thag into sports, but I still found this pretty easy.

Secondly there were quite a few grammar errors that take away from overall enjoyment of the game.

Thirdly this game is too short, the drafts are long and drawn out and this took me like 5 clicks to beat.

Overall this is a good attempt, but I feel that it needs to be revised a bit more to make it better.
-- DeathIncarnate on 8/13/2015 12:26:26 PM
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