The Search For The Craxil

Player Rating5.60/8

"#158 overall, #16 for 2011"
based on 149 ratings since 05/07/2011
played 2,578 times (finished 177)

Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a SnickersĀ®"

Maturity Level3/8

"must be at least this tall to play"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

A slew of terrible monsters reside in the various caves, tunnels, and plateaus that span the vast mountainside near your village. They are led by the Craxil, an unknown creature that seems to have command over the other creatures in the mountainside. The village has grown tired of the frequent attacks and has turned for help. A mage offered up a poison that can be used to kill the Craxil, but nobody in the village (yourself included) is strong enough to go out monster slaying. You are chosen for the job. Not because of your strength (which is nearly nonexistent) but because you are sneaky and they hope you will reach the Craxil without notice. Are they correct? Let's find out!


Game Description:  This is my first time creating a choose your own adventure, but I believe I have managed to bring this rather ambitous project to fruition on first try.  I took an interest in this site after playing "Magus: Betrayal", "Necromancer", "Order of the Midnight Sun", and "Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight" as well as many others.  I wanted to make it long in length but highly interactive at the same time so there will be a great many choices you will have to go through.  There are many ways to die but only two official endings (ending #2 being the "real" ending).  It should be noted that there are multiple different ways in which to reach either of the two endings as your path may branch away from the other possible paths (depending on your choices) only to merge with them later.  It should also be noted that the fate of your sister, as described in ending #2, may well be the subject for a future project.

Disclaimer:  For the sake of adding pictures, I pulled numerous pictures off of google images in the hopes of bringing this adventure to life.  However, I take NO credit whatsoever for the pictures contained within.  They are borrowed and that is all.  The story itself, was written by me.  Also, while this isn't extensively foul by any means, there are a few "naughty words" sprinkled in to emphasize certain feelings and situations.  If your mommy and daddy don't want any bad words to defile your virgin ears then do not play this game.


Thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoy this game!

Player Comments

-continued- (stupid 900 word max cut off my comment halfway through what I was saying so I hope I haven't forgotten anything)

... why did she go to such lengths to bring the protagonist to her lair (and why did she pick the swineherd in the first place?)? (I had something else to point out in my original message about this but I've forgotten it.)

Lastly, this is just a pet peeve of mine so if you like your way better then by all means ignore this, but I couldn't help but notice that all of your links had the first letter of every word capitalised. Was there a specific reason for this?

Anyway, it was a terrific read. I'm definitely glad you made this but at the same time I'm disappointed that this is what I'm up against if I want to stand a chance at winning the contest XD Congratulations, a 7 from me!
-- October on 5/8/2011 9:08:11 AM with a score of 0
This was a great game to play. The plot obviously meant that all paths lead to you eventually making the final confrontation with the Craxil, but there were so many different paths to take in between and that was fantastic. I'll definitely be replaying this a few times just to explore the different paths.

There's only a few things wrong with the storygame (one of which you touched on in the actual story). First off, if the Craxil can read your mind, why didn't she anticipate your strategy to kill her and consequently evade your attacks? That's the problem with having an enemy that can read the player's mind - anything the player thinks of they already know.

Second, if the Craxil could morph into the form of Brandalf the Bray (I found that name hilarious by the way XD) why didn't she simply introduce the enhanced poison into society herself? It raises the question of why did she go to a
-- October on 5/8/2011 8:59:30 AM with a score of 0
1. Length
2. Descriptiveness
3. Humor
4. Plot depth

1. Spelling
2. Linearity
3. Random choices

1. Why would the Craxil give me a poison that can kill it?
2. In the final battle, why wouldn't the Craxil read your mind that you were going to trick it and shoot it with a poisoned arrow?
3. If the Craxil can reconstitute itself after being injured, then why would poison kill it? Doesn't poison act physically? What kind of poison can kill a supernatural being???

Overall, a strong story deserving of a 7.
-- urnam0 on 5/8/2011 3:06:15 AM with a score of 0
While I am disappointed in the two official endings because neither one is 100% good, the story itself is amazing and well written and I love the potty humor added. XD. I highly recommend making a sequel to this or at least a story similar to this with multiple endings.
-- ArtsyGirl38 on 10/25/2019 2:50:11 PM with a score of 0
For future games ending I prefer them to be your own choice whether it's good or bad. I felt like this game had a good ending and an had ending I hate feeling that.
-- Wanderer on 10/2/2017 1:15:17 PM with a score of 0
Laughed my ass off when I accidentally wiped my ass with pison ivy.
-- aartbastiaan on 11/10/2016 5:56:12 AM with a score of 0
Good story, well written. only a few misspellings. Lots of choices. I got ending #2 time go for number 1 now
-- BigRonn77 on 10/7/2016 4:28:58 PM with a score of 0
-- TestingJest on 10/7/2016 1:42:20 AM with a score of 0
The writing and choices were great, the only thing is the endings weren't really satisfying but I guess that is unique in its own way
-- mikail on 2/29/2016 9:04:15 AM with a score of 0
gave a 7/8 real ending 2 of 2
Nice story. many choices you either die or move on with the story, nothing but luck involved. Im not a fan of bad ends like this where you choose one direction over another and die. But its easy enough to go in the other direction after dying. I felt a part of the story and connected to the main character. Very nicely done
-- JinDary on 2/6/2016 10:37:18 AM with a score of 0
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