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Hey, I'm Amy2, and I… don't have anything to say really. My full name is Amy May (but that's not my real name. Putting that online would be stupid.)

I now have an ongoing project called Debt. If you have a suggestion on how to make it better, or what can happen next, PM me or write it in your comment and I'll include it. Yay, everyone's a co-author! For now, I'm pulling it down and re-writing it so that it has the same basic story, but BETTER!

Right now I'm mostly hanging around in the Tavern Between the Worlds. It's awesome, you should check it out! You can find it in the Forum Games section!

So… yeah. That's me, I guess. I'll update this with the latest news every so often (as if anyone would want to read about me!) BYE!

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Your memories from before today are hazy. Although you are sure that someone or something has tampered with them, you have more pressing issues. You are trapped in a dark forest with no idea wich way is home, and unseen creatures hunitng you from the shadows. You are the hero, but event the best of heroes needs backup.

Will you side with the Wolf Pack, with their strange, yet familiar feeling rituals and customs?

Or will you side with the Humans, who wish to capture one of the Pack and find out exactly what gives them their unique talents?

Or is the only team you play for your own?


The Moneylender
An updated version of my first Storygame, Debt. Now with Advanced Editor! As per usual, if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, like a different path I could add, then put it in your comment or PM it to me!

Your town is in the depths of poverty. All the money in town that is not necessary for survival is owned by Jack, The Moneylender. And when your family falls on hard times, it's up to you, Keith, to save your mother, and maybe even your whole town.

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Poetyr Contest: Voting Time! on 7/5/2013 8:39:46 PM

Ok, so Dark is first!

Now to vote on who comes second! (It will probably be Den, from what's already been said)

Poetyr Contest: Voting Time! on 7/4/2013 4:04:40 PM

Alright, vote away!

Poetyr Contest: Voting Time! on 7/4/2013 3:50:07 PM

Ok, so it's time to vote on who the winner is when it comes to this random poetry contest. Now, since there weren't actually that many entries, we can't put them into categories, so they're just all in there together. But before the poems, it's time for the rules for voting:

  1. You can only vote once.
  2. You can't vote for your own poem.
  3. Only votes should go on this thread, not discussions. Take your derailing ways elsewhere, demons!
  4. When you vote, put the title, the author, and the reason you voted for it in your post.

So without further ado, the poetry!

The Den by Aeon_Spiral

In my den I sit observing 

A spider weaving its web 
Twisting turning 
Making sure every thread is in its place 
So meticulous is his making 
It makes me wonder 
his reason for shaping 
And for invading my den 
But more fascinating is his dedication 
Simply unrelenting 
In his complex fabrication 
that has been constructed across my den 
but what is its true reason for being 
Is it for sifting through the dust 
or for more important meaning 
Nothing else moves across my den 
Maybe its there just in spite 
Maybe just simply to show 
How I dwindled away slowly 
Oh so slowly sitting lonely in my den
Consequences by NecroKnight
In my bed I lie, 
the other men drink and party, 
even orcs are less uncivilized and dirty. 
Why? Why can't they all just die! 
I march with them, during the day and night, 
and with them I must fight. 
They are free-spirited and wild, 
acting like an idiot child. 
The war went on, 
they all enlisted, dragged me along. 
Hate them for this; they called themselves man, 
mocked me that: "Who doesn't enlist is old or a woman". 
I'm a youngman, 
human like any enlisted man. 
Them...they are stupid...young. 
Yet chat like crazy, never holding back their tongue. 
They act like they're the best. 
Bunch of fools, who will die like the rest. 
My time spend training with the seasoned men, 
while they spend their time flirting with women. 
Through my teeth I lie, 
when I eat with them everyday. 
They will fall in battle and die. 
I wish for it day by day. 
They act like they're are the greatest. 
My childhood crush loves one of them, 
he acts like he's the strongest. 
I hate all of them. 
I know my armor and sword, 
when I fight against the orcish horde, 
they think this is a childish game. 
Hope they can be heroes and gain fame. 
The day finally comes by, 
I see in battle as they all die. 
I'm stronger and fast, 
their existance wasn't meant to last. 
The battle soon ends; I'm the last man in my group. 
I return with the rest of the troops. 
Now they're all dead, 
a bunch of fools, following a fools lead. 
I sit in our barracks, 
among the empty sleeping sacks. 
I wanted this to happen... 
but why does my soul miss them? 
Over-Thrown by HugsGoodbye
In all its might and splendor 
a ray of hope shining bright 
The warrior,victor and feather of lead 
a sweet song has taken flight. 
I can't tell you of the tears 
I've robbed from the trees of my land 
if I do the knightly hue fast 
will no longer find its hand. 
Shallows are hiding the jinx of my heart 
and few make it back to the wind 
you too have found me behind the plot 
so you lay your claim on my bin. 
DARK by BerkaZerka
Dark descends from rafter old, its taloned claws grasp to enfold – 
Reaching, drawing life within, another soul yields to the cold. 
Yet still it hungers; thirsts for more; blackened to the very core – 
Searching road and lonely fen, to kill among the frosty hoar. 
Till light arises in the east, and golden ray destroy the beast – 
Banished like the morning dew; Yet night return another feast. 
... by Fireslugger_ICA
Thoughts of a million, clouded minds, 
Here her body stands, yet elsewhere her mind exists; 
Isolated from the world, time seems to 
Stands dead-still, as the flames slowly sputters out, 
In the icy stillness of confusion. 
She sighs, a long deep, shuddering sigh, 
Absent from the present. 
Things, fragmented images, vague as can be 
Races across the void of her mind, into 
Oblivion. A sudden spark, flames re-ignited; she 
Looks down, down this very poem, 
Letter by letter...this is a troll. (not :P)

Sleepless Nights by Amy2

All is sunny, all is good,

All is going as it should,
But I don't want to go back home,
To spend another night alone,
They are coming
You can catch a glimpse of them
If you are paying attention
And feel like indulging in some unhealthy paranoia
They are the shadows
The things that lurk in the corner of your eye
But vanish when put under scrutiny
They keep me from my sleep with their games
It is dark now
The moon isn't enough to drive them away
So I have spent many sleepless nights like this
Hoping the dim bulb would keep the night at bay
I wait for the sun
And when it finally arrives I have an hour or three
To get the sleep that evades me at night
For fear keeps it away until daylight
All is sunny, all is good,
All is going as it should,
But I don't want to go back home,
To spend another night alone,
I can't go on like this
Every night is more tiring than the last
Yet fear keeps my eyes wide open the whole time
Seeking distraction after distraction after distraction
It's my own fault
For indulging in childish fantasies during the day
Joyfully letting my imagination run wild
Forgetting the dark side that assaults me at night
The morning is close
So close I can practically touch it, yet I am afraid
I am afraid to rise from my bed
Because I think the worst is waiting for me to abandon my sanctuary,
So I stay
I seem to be patient and calm and cool
But I am tense and anxious and sweating up a storm
Until the sun finally breaks over the horizon
All is sunny, all is good,
All is going as it should,
But I don't want to go back home,
To spend another night alone,
I think I'm mad
Either that or I'm going mad
Driven to madness by this endless cycle
Day then night, joy then fear, awake then still awake
They won't leave
I've asked them nicely to go but they still won't listen
I don't think it's healthy to talk to them
The terrifying hallucinations that keep me from sleep
Maybe I should get help
It couldn't hurt, but I don't have enough energy
These sleepless nights take it all
And use it to beg the sun to return
Here it comes now
The saving grace that ends the torment
At least, until it leaves me alone again
But I would prefer not to think about that until then
For all is sunny, all is good,
All is going as it should,
But I'll just end up back at home,
Spending every night alone.

Hey Chocobot!!!! - PatNJoe game. on 7/4/2013 8:42:02 AM

No, the radiation will just spread to other threads! What we need to do is send our best de-railers to de-rail this thread until we forget all about the zombies, making them disappear because there is no off-screen inertia!

We need to send Aman and Breka in together so they can save the day while sparking a complete overhaul of the system because of 'the man' threatening to nuke the thread with them inside it, meaning that Aman and Berka have to go on a zany adventure where they discover that even their powers have a limit, and these two mortal enemies must learn the true meaning of friendship!

The War? on 7/4/2013 8:34:10 AM

But what about chaos? Chaos is cool too right? Or would that be hot like fire instead of cool like ice?

what's for dinner? on 7/2/2013 7:35:50 PM
Would that be children, or children's souls?

What You Noticed on 7/1/2013 12:15:23 AM

Damn it! Sorry! ......... Damn it again. That was seriously my honest reaction. Maybe I do have a problem.

Poetry Contest: Interested? on 6/30/2013 7:53:39 AM

YOU LIE! HOW CAN YOU HAVE SENT IT 'NOW' (or then when the message was posted, like the now in the message would imply) IF IT HAS BEEN FIVE MINUTES SINCE YOU POSTED AND THERE IS NO MESSAGE WITH YOUR POETRY SUBMISSION?!

EDIT. Ok, now it's submitted. That's better.

Poetry Contest: Interested? on 6/30/2013 7:29:10 AM

Nope, it's not too late! We need all the entries we can get to make this interesting!

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums... on 6/29/2013 11:07:51 PM

But I am! And you can confirm that.