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I'm currently writing a create your own story. Britva and Jerondia. When I found this site I loved it, it's amazing.

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Hunter x Hunter on 12/20/2016 11:41:22 AM

Woot woot

Worst Situation You Have Been In? on 12/13/2016 10:17:21 AM

One Christmas my brothers all got boomerangs and I was watching them throw them out, trying to get them to return, which they succeeded at when they figured it out. And one if their boomerangs attacked me, making a slice on my forehead. It hurt a lot and I cried a lot. For a couple of weeks I had a big Band aid on my face.

Story games for guys on 9/9/2016 5:54:36 PM

That'd be cool

Story games for guys on 9/9/2016 7:27:28 AM

Haha I haven't written the whole description yet. But I guess that might make for a interesting plot

Story games for guys on 9/6/2016 6:02:14 PM

 So a lot of people have been asking me to clarify my statement. @Seto I personally have a hard time as a girl enjoying it if I'm playing it as a guy, though sometimes I do check out those if the story is really good. I think it's cool how your able to play no matter what your gender is on one. Bit I made this thread and the other thread for girls because I know some people can have a hard time finding a game with their gender, though that doesn't apply much to guys since, they are plenty. And since guys don't have that problem they can just talk about games they like in general here, maybe even try to talk about some that are good but are as well known. I apologize for the confusion.

Story games for guys on 9/6/2016 11:32:07 AM

Not that they are needed to, but some games say specifically or reference you as a or that you're a guy or that you can choose gender. This thread is to say what games are specifically guys or that you can be a guy

Story games for girls on 9/6/2016 9:41:42 AM

Ok thanks, that's a big help

Story games for girls on 9/5/2016 10:40:35 PM

I'm still recently new to the site, I'm trying to find a lot of story games to check out

Story games for girls on 9/5/2016 10:31:34 PM

I haven't taken that yet, I noticed the helicopter conversation, all helicopters matter. Have you done any if Kiel's?


Story games for girls on 9/5/2016 10:11:43 PM

I did, though it's really hard to find a way to express how much you liked it in words