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    Well hello there! I'm Cake_Oi... Umm I guess I'm trying to make a game, but I might actually finish it in the summer cause that's when I don't have school. Well then, when I'm making a story, but it'll take a long time and if it's not being updated. It's either: I'm not working on it or 2 I'm making the story (I make a third person story then I add more stuff and choices). Also I know that there are many spelling mistakes and errors. I will try to fix it and make the story more smooth later. I plan on finishing this before 2020. Edit: Scratch that, I hope to finish this before  the end of college? Though I am taking a big break, cause I want to continue doing art (like digital and pen/pencil and water color art) and playing the piano.I want to spend as much time doing those things before I have to give them up and have to go after 'stuff that actually matters and makes money'. (though by giving up I mean not doing it as much and taking classes about art or whatever)




Updates on The Fate of Us

 either the actually story (MS) /choice story (CG):

4000+ words (MS)- 1/28/2019

Prologue, chapter 1, and beginning of chapter 2(CG)- 1/28/2019

Added to chapter 2 -finished dinner scene (CG)-1/29/2019

Added to chapter 2 -fixed dinner scene and added classes (CG)- 1/30/2019

Added to chapter 2 added more classes and started on character drawings (cartoon) (CG)- 1/31/2019

Added to chapter  3-more classes and start of next lunch/finishing conversations /total word count so far 8,272(CG)- 2/11/2019

Added to chapter 3-expanded on combat class scene intro to more characters/expanding on lunch scene (CG) - 2/12/2019

Finished sketching vel, but b&w and color and outlined serial killer plot- 2/25/2019

Outlined more of the serial killer route and finnished b&w Emi/Moira - 2/26/2019

Went over more plot, next update next week? -4/8/2019 (Major Updates will begin in the summer)

Thought a little bit more about the plot and characters- 4/22/2019

I changed some of the intro plot to a video game theme?- 9/6/2019


Well, if you see me rate your stuff then you might be totally confused, unless of course you watch the same Youtuber as me! (who rates food with this amazing scale!)

Yuk! = eww, your story is the worst it could possibly be. To put it simply it's utter trash

Ehh = I wouldn't bother reading your story again, but if there's a ? then it means I was seriously thinking of putting a Yuk instead!

Meh = It's ok, I mean it's like drinking soup lukewarm... It shows promise...?

Nom = Pretty decent, I like your story, and I might look forward to it

NomNom = Whoo Wee! I really like your story! I'll be reading it all day. ;)

NomNomNom! = Your story is a gift to the world, I would probably, no I will look at your stories. Your work is a master piece!


About Cake_Oi

Hi guys! I've always been into cog and cyoas. I used/liked this site for 1-2 years, but I haven't made an account till now because now I wanted to transfer a free style writing story I'm making into a interactive fiction/high fantasy short novel. I'll try to make more stories and finish my coding classes so I can make cool stories with stats. I'm guessing I'll make either fantasy/dystopian/psychological/adventure/purely random stuff that I just come up with. I'm wonderfully random that way. But because I go to school, just like you people have to too, or work if you're an adult :( *shivers, because she doesn't want to grow up* my progress will be like riding a roller coaster. If you don't like my name then, too bad... just call me Emily then, but FYI that's just a name I use online. Anyways I hope that I have somehow made your day better,  but now talking about my story: The Fate of Us: updates will probably be very frequent in the beginning and it might die out? It just depends on how much extra time I have in my life. Anyways y'all have a good day! 

P.S feel free to contact me for anything (reasonable)


Humanity's Ignorance and What is the Meaning of Words?

This is a scifi-dystopian short satire story that I did in school. I also know that's it bad and really short, but please enjoy the story (it's more of a story than choice game). Can you get the references I've made, or slight hints? I don't know but please tell me if you kind of got the cannibalism part (just wondering if anyone else thinks that way...).

-I did this because I'm getting a writer's block on the fate of us, so this is just a distraction for me(MS).

-I know my grammar is off and my paragraphs are a mess but ehh I just got over my writer's block so I don't feel like spending too much time on this small side story.

You play Rancor the god. You are on a planet but it's time to explore and see what has happened and will happen to these inhabitants and yourself.

The Fate of Us

The Fate of Us is an interactive story (name will probably be changed)






                                       You have just enrolled in one of the best magic academies in the land:  Renarch, after graduating Renarch Prep. You have to survive the school year and somehow pass with an A (or maybe not if you don't study >_<) and solve the many mysteries of the world and uncover your past...

A little bit about me:
This is my first story, so I won't do anything complicated, but you can fail here. (well not now, but it will be added). Also feel free to give me any responses to my project. You can check my profile if you want to learn more about the updates of this story. I hope this story doesn't offend you because it just might. I also plan to make this pretty violent towards the end too. Because violence solves everything! If you need anything that is reasonable please notify me! Anyways enjoy your day O_O

My Plan so far hehehe

- eventually have the option to create your own character/name (most unlikely)

-some (most) choices lead to different outcomes, or scences       

(99% possible)         

- pursue friendships and maybe something more? Yeah I'm working on it, but I think Romances suck... just trying it out for now

-planning on asking the reader if they want a fantasy (battles), horror (serial killer route), or the RO road.

-Uncover the mysteries of your childhood

-I might make this into a series (probably not)

-battle scences (with tons of blood and broken bones GRAPHIC DETAILS), but any 8 year old shouldn't pee in his pants. Cause every 8 year old like me started to watch movies rated R all the time. Oh because I'm growing up watching a whole bunch of violent movies I might include: stalkers, killers, creepy moments, blood, umm some scenes where you find dead people in horrible states, oh and more. The only thing that is in an R rated movie that I won't have is bad langauge.

Overall at the end this should include:

-ROs (I plan on you being able to pursue them all "Gota catch'em all!")

-Very long story with the occasional pop quiz for fellow nerds like me :), but don't worry it's only knowledge that I made up! But if you donn't pay attention then you'll fail)

-A story that you can fail and die ( I love those ones and ecspecially the ones where everyone dies!)

-A customizable character/name

-At least 15,000 words hoping for 35,000.

-Many more things to be added but right now I gotta study or sleep or do things any gal gotta do :\ 


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