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Heyooo! Good to see you're interested in moi! ;) Unfortunately I'm not around here very often anymore, however I do hang out a lot at! :D I go by the same name so feel free to send me a PM there :3

I'll see ya when I see ya! ^-^

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Do You Read User Profiles? on 11/17/2017 2:25:35 AM

I used to do it a lot because I was a bored and lonely piece of shit. 

Now I don't because I'm a bored and lonely piece of shit :D 

cys used to be so active, where did the time go? on 10/30/2017 9:19:34 AM

*Is actually drowning this year*

I'm here, but VERY rarely. If you wanna find me more often I'm on the rolplayer guild! ;)

Stranger Things Season 2 on 10/30/2017 9:10:22 AM

I still need to watch season 2 >_> TIME TO BINGE!

S'up! on 9/18/2016 8:38:59 PM

Or will I? DUN DUN DUN!

S'up! on 9/10/2016 10:05:00 AM

If I was Canadian I would say sorry, but since I'm Aussie, well... 

"Git fahked!" XD

S'up! on 9/8/2016 11:09:59 AM

Nothing ever pleases the almighty Delta! >:D

I mean it's nothing the people here haven't handled before. We've all been through worse :P We'll live. 

... I hope. 

S'up! on 9/8/2016 11:08:11 AM

I can see that, and as the respectable community member that I am, I've opted to stay the fuck out of it XD

Jokes aside, since I haven't really been here I honestly can't give much of an opinion on the matter, unless you guys want an outside opinion? On the surface it looks like things are pretty clear-cut and simple, but alas, on this site, nothing is ever simple. :P

But congrats to Killa and End on the recent promotion! I already knew End was promoted when I saw him online and my post mysteriously vanished from The Lounge to Newbie Central with no mods or admins online. I look forward to your divine judgement, oh almighty moderators! :P

S'up! on 9/8/2016 7:28:18 AM

Heyooo! How's it goin'?

Consider this my first ever "I'm back!" thread for CYS :P It's been awhile since I've last had enough time to stick around, and I'm not sure how long I'll be able, but hey, life goes on, I s'pose :D

So, how are you all doing? I see a lot of oldies, a lot of newbies. I guess for simplicities sake I'll introduce myself! 

My name is Delta. specifically the forty-fourth, not to be confused with that other faker Delta711. I'm Aussie, arrogant, and awesome! Nice to meet you! ;)

OH, and also, I come with a story proposition! Well it's not quite a proposition since I'm the one who'll be writing about it, but it's just a heads up! ^-^ Cheers! 

Pokémon Go on 7/14/2016 12:22:56 AM

Game is useless in my area, one because I have no data nor a touch phone, and two because the area is fucking barren XD

Why are we all here? on 6/17/2016 9:27:18 AM

I'd watched a game of D&D by The Yogscast that I really enjoyed, and then started googling other D&D games on YouTube. I was drawn in by the roleplay aspect mostly, and so I got to googling, not even knowing what the Hell roleplay was at the time. I somehow stumbled across here again after finding the site many years ago, and learnt of the Forum Games section. Searching for a simple fantasy RP, I found Legendary, and jumped right in.

The rest be history, m8.