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you're at home living you're daily life when one day, after a pandemic has started to die down, you start hearing whispers in the back of your mind, talking about dimensions merging and how you should go about preparing yourself. Strange things start happening as the world around you starts shifting and changing. Strange races and creatures appear, new landmarks arise, habitats and ecosystems change drastically, even your own being and very soul may go through a change as well. It's up to you how you interact with the new world and whether or not you survive it.

Theater gays
You're in collage and it's your first semester. You've decided that you wanted to make theater one of your elective classes. Everything see.s to turning up toses in terms of grades and friendships until you meet Ash, the theater class diva. She has you in her sites due to your above average grades and popularity, making it a habbit to make your life miserable. How will you handle all this drama before the finals start creeping around the corner?

Your identity, my identity
You're a simple cat, made of clay and given life through mysterious means. You go through life aimlessly until you encounter a strange portal that leads you to a strange world full of colorful characters and new sights. How you interact with others and who you choose to interact with will affect the outcome of your new life in this strange dimension.