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Basketball Career
So basically you are a person who has always dreamed of becoming a basketball superstar. You will go through many things such as choosing what you want to be good at(shooting, play making, inside scoring, or defense/rebounding), choosing what college you want to play at, the NBA combine, the team you will be drafted by! And more things that are really important! Your end goal will be winning a championship or being inducted into the Hall of Fame! (The story really starts when you are in the NBA so if the story about playing in high school and college is extremely lazy, that is why.) This is my first story game as well, for people who want to be drafted by a different team, I simply do not know enough about variables and all the other things that make the great story-games obviously great!

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making storygame need help on category on 5/21/2021 12:30:08 PM
Ok making a high school tryouts page, I need characters, Jocks? Cocky dumb^%*&%, coaches, hell maybe a NBA player shows up to see tryouts because the GM wants him to scout talent.

making storygame need help on category on 5/21/2021 12:28:56 PM
I also need help on creating characters for the story High school, college, and NBA characters (wait a minute I can just make real NBA players some of the characters)

making storygame need help on category on 5/21/2021 12:26:33 PM
Yup talking about NBA, thinking modern but could use more input Edit: High-school to NBA

making storygame need help on category on 5/21/2021 12:21:24 PM
So I am making a non-complex storygame about becoming a basketball player, unfortunately I have no idea on what category it should be, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical, Horror/mystery, and fan-fiction are obviously off the table, I have no idea what I should choose! I am thinking on the modern category but I need some more input.

Cryptode help on 5/20/2021 12:08:09 PM
Cryptode to me is the most challenging/hardest puzzle choose your story game in my opinion. The Vatican crypt maze part has me stumped! I want to complete that stage of the game without asking the suspicious man!

I just joined today! on 5/20/2021 11:40:43 AM
Well it's because I am pretty young (talking younger than 20) so I have to be careful about what I read on the site, authors like Will11 make stories that I will enjoy without all the M-R rated material.

I just joined today! on 5/20/2021 10:52:11 AM
Welp im definitely more of a reader, but I am thinking about making a storygame about having a career in sports like basketball.

I just joined today! on 5/20/2021 10:28:56 AM
What should I know about people here? Edit: Read another post which is almost the exact same thing about my post, looks like I need to stay quiet and only go onto the forum every friday or something.