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I enjoy reading gamebooks and choose-your-own adventure stories. I recently had an idea for my own story and so I came here to try writing it!

I enjoy ancient history, mushroom hunting, comedy, calligraphy, good conversation, old horror stories, writing, tv, talking about my time spend in prison, and animals.

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One Paragraph Story (looking for feedback) on 9/4/2022 12:52:06 PM

Well the plan is basically to keep it short and simple, in order to make it easier as a first project - while hopefully keeping it entertaining.


I worry that overambition in a very first project can be a death sentence. "Biting off more than you can chew", basically.

Greetings comrades on 9/4/2022 12:12:42 PM

I'll go back to using emoticons if have to :D

One Paragraph Story (looking for feedback) on 9/3/2022 9:38:03 PM

Hmm, maybe. I'll have to test it out both ways to see what reads better, I think.

Government poll on 9/3/2022 9:35:54 PM

I am a big supporter of democracy and I'm sickened by the idea that it has somehow "failed". I think the solution is MORE democracy rather than less. Anyways I'll try to keep it brief without going into a crazy diatribe.


Problem: Direct democracy, where everyone votes on every issue, is the most accurate way to represent the will of the people. But it takes up too much time and energy.


Solution: Instead, we use "sortition", where you pick people in a random lottery. The way statistics work, it turns out that a truly random selection of 1000 people would be a shockingly accurate representation of the population now matter how large it got.


So here's what you do. You randomly selection 1000 people every few years, and they vote on laws. A law has to get 600 votes to pass, ensuring that there is solid support and that it won't just be overturned back and forth repeatedly. Maybe you also hold elections to pick "Lobbyists" (or some better term) who can write, propose, and argue for the legislation (but not actually vote themselves). In other words, if the people want very socialist laws proposed, then they'll vote for a socialist lobbyist who will propose socialist laws.

I think this is a simple but elegant solution. It might not always produce a perfect government, but it will ALWAYS, by definition, represent the will of the people. People will get the government they deserve. If they're stupid, then they get a bad government. If they're smart, they get a good one. They'll have no one to blame but themselves.

One Paragraph Story (looking for feedback) on 9/3/2022 9:02:20 PM

Nooooo. This I might sound dumb, but I'll try to whip up an example of how the player's choices might lead to unexpected and (hopefully) humorous situations:


It starts off with "A man walks into the room and pulls out a gun."

Then you are offered a series of choices for genre, setting, etc. Let's say you choose "18th century", "Mansion", and "Romance". 


Then the story continues with something like "The man raises the gun and whispers 'Aleister sent me.' You gasp in excitement as you take the pistol from him. What a thoughtful gift from your beloved suitor Aleister! How did he know that you always wanted a a pistol of your very own?" And it continues from there.


Does that maybe make more sense?


Greetings comrades on 9/3/2022 8:52:16 PM

Good point.


Also, I just managed to add a profile picture! It's not super appropriate but it was the first one I found

One Paragraph Story (looking for feedback) on 9/3/2022 8:45:56 PM

Well, basically the reader will have to chose a series of different options, which will craft the "micro-story" based on those specifications. My hope is that each of these will be short enough that they shouldn't take long to write.

Much of the fun will be in unexpected results that technically fit your specifications, but in unexpected or bizarre ways. I'll have to come up with some examples, I think

Greetings comrades on 9/3/2022 8:37:20 PM

Best compliment I've gotten in a long time, which is kind of sad.


I have a lot more personality when I'm able to use emojis. Why doesn't this site support them??

Greetings comrades on 9/3/2022 8:26:17 PM

Wow, it's like I'm on Twitter talking about politics!

Greetings comrades on 9/3/2022 8:25:45 PM

Ooooh it's Endmaster! I'm so honored!


I really liked that one you did about the nuclear Armageddon. I want to read the series of fantasy ones, but it's a big commitment so I haven't gotten around to it yet.