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Hello! I'm Hello243, and I used to be Feathersoul. I ditched that account, though, and made a new one (this) because it was such a horrible account. I hope my storygames will turn out better this time.

You can call me simply by my username. I don't really like anything else, but it's fine if you still want to call me Feathersoul. 

If you want to know more about me:

Likes: Cats (no, not Warriors, just cats), writing, Neko Atsume, other stuff

Dislikes: Other stuff

Favourite book: I enjoy everything in the Percy Jackson and Olympians series, and Heroes of Olympus, and Trials of Apollo. I also like Wings of Fire, although it's definitely not my favourite.

Storygames I am working on:

I'm making one called Gazing at the Sky. I might change the name. It's about a dragon and his owner, Kelsey. No further information... Yet :3

Another one I have is Jewels: A Room Escape. I used to have it on Feathersoul, but I never finished. I hope I can finish this one ;3

PM me if you want to chat. I will probably reply soon.

Also, I'm an INTJ, if you wanted to know.

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Gazing at the Sky

It was Kelsey's thirteenth birthday, and she was going to get a dragonet.

(That's pretty much the only summary I can give you)

If you ask why everyone gets a dragonet, it's because the population of dragons is thriving and there are many dragons injuring people. Getting a dragon to take care of makes sure that there are less wild dragon attacks on people.

This is definitely not the best storygame I will make, so please give me feedback. I don't care about whatever you do in the comments. Hate on me, swear at me if you want. It would be nice if there weren't so many comments like "I am potato" or something like that.

Jewels: A Room Escape

You wake up in a room.

You're not sure why you're there, but one thing is clear: you need to get out.

A light glimmers at the edge of your vision. You whirl around, tensing, but you relax when you realize it is only a jewel. Mesmerized by its beauty, you slowly advance towards it. It beckons to you, urging you to touch it. You obey fearfully, waiting for something to happen. But nothing does. The room is completely still.

Read this storygame to find out what happens next...

In my former account, I made a storygame like this, but didn't manage to finish. I will try to finish this one. There might (emphasis on might) be a second one if I finish.

Criticism appreciated!

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Also, no offense, but perhaps you could brush up on your grammar. If you write something with that grammar, even if everything else was good, it would get a low rating. 


I'm an old Newbie on 8/9/2017 4:04:25 AM

Hello :3 I'm also an old newbie... I used to have an account here a few years ago, and after a year or two of inactivity, I made a new account. Anyways, I hope you enjoy making storygames (if you will make a storygame) and being able to post on the forums!