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This looks like a good place to settle on 4/9/2023 8:12:01 PM
I've been here about a month, gone through a handful of stories, and like what I see. My own writing experience has been primarily in sims. No, not the animated figures, but roll playing where you play/write a recurring character in an interactive setting. The entries are posted to a server for all to read. Or, more enjoyably, you co-author a "log" back and forth until you and your co-author think it is ready to submit. I've been co-GM for one sim that ran about 18 months and served as the inspiration for a prequel for a traditional novel with different characters in the same setting, co-authored with my fellow GM. (Sadly, unpublished and no longer timely). But this is delightfully different. My only stumbling block is being over 80 I am not technically savvy. I used to think HTML stood for "hold the mayo and lettuce", so I will need to to do some learning before I start writing. Of course, being new, I want to do a lot more reading and exploring the site first. Thanks for listening. MAGALw12