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Halo, or Hell, no!

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Would you prefer to be an angel or a demon after you've died? Would you rather be a bloodthirsty warlord or a powerful magic caster? In this storygame, you have many choices that will greatly impact the flow of the story, with a unique path for each new branch. 

Your score represents the ending you got.
I should mention that the first two choices offered in the set of four you receive result in a game-end. They are simple endings that do not represent the length of the rest of the story. They are there simply for smaller ideas that do not reflect the rest of the story.

A quick warning: there are quite a few vivid descriptions of you dying (there's quite a few ways to die as well), so if you're not cool with that, get gud skrub.


Special Thanks:
Gower for the title.
Mizal and Chef for their great advice.
Shadowdrake and Reader for their amazing critque and proofreading.

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If you delete a page in the Chapters and Pages menu, then delete a link to that page in another page without refreshing, you will get an error that will lock you out of the page that you deleted the link on. 

Noob Contest Roll Call on 6/26/2020 12:58:49 AM

Surprisingly, I have actually started. We'll still have to see whether or not I can finish an idea.

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/1/2020 8:37:28 PM

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June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/1/2020 8:37:18 PM

I'm in because miz is making me.

[Untitled Monthly Newsletter] April 2020, Issue #1 on 4/1/2020 9:30:26 AM

I did not capitalize the m in my response.

Collapse - Continuing Story on 3/26/2020 8:38:44 AM

Most windows today aren't thin enough to shatter with the stock of a weapon, and our demolitions expert is back at base. 


e: Never mind, I'm dumb. Just did a bit of research and windows are actually pretty easy to break. We won't be needing to shoot it open.

Collapse - Continuing Story on 3/25/2020 7:45:29 PM

You all unanimously voted to scavenge, so that's what we'll do!

You decide that rest would be pointless if you miss this opportunity to get supplies. Though the lines between fireteams have been blurred due to recent events, your group still behaves as an organized squad. You’re sure he won’t have a problem with it, but you need to ask the squad leader, Henry Stevens, for confirmation before you go.

“Stevens,” you begin to say.

He cuts you off with a wave of his hand. “Just call me Henry. No need for formality here.”

“Right. Sorry, it’s just natural. Anyway, I’d like to go out and look for supplies while there still are some out there.”

“Hm.” He takes a moment to think. He’d always been the cautious type, but you know that he’ll see your reasoning. “Ok,” he finally says. “Have Hunter and Kris go with you. We can’t risk losing anyone else.”

“Got it, thank you.” You give him a nod and call the other two operators to accompany you. 

Kristen Trace, or Kris as you all call her, is your team’s sniper and reconnaissance expert. It makes sense why Henry would send her with you, as well as Hunter Tay, the youngest member of your squad and a rifleman. He’s headstrong and needs more experience in the field, but he’s extremely smart and a straight shot too. You always saw him as a little brother, and Henry seems to have picked up on that.

“What’s up, Chris?” Hunter asks as he reaches you. 

“We’re gonna go take a look around in the city and gather some supplies while we’re out.”

"Alright, cool," he says. Kris simply nods, slinging her rifle on her back. 

“Well,” you say, pulling your night-vision goggles over your eyes, “Let’s get going.”


It’s about half an hour of walking before you reach the huge city. Some of the buildings are only skeletons, while others look almost untouched. 

You assume control of the group, being the highest rank present. “Bound the corners, guys. We don’t know what might be here. We’re looking for a grocery store or an arms dealer of some kind. No guarantee that they’ll have anything for us, but we’ll look regardless." Your squadmates give their confirmation, following you through the desolate city. 

Another fifteen minutes of searching brings you to a convenience store with its doors shut and windows intact. It looks like at least no one forced their way in, but it’s completely possible that the doors are unlocked. You have the advantage nonetheless, since it’s likely anyone inside won’t have the equipment you do.

It’s only now that you realize that only Kris on your small team has a weapon for situations like this, and hers is just a pistol. Your MCX Rattler and Hunter’s FN SCAR-H aren’t exactly compact, so combat in a tight space would not be ideal for either of you. However, you have to press on.

You set your hand on the door handle as Hunter takes the other side of the door and Kris places a hand on your shoulder. You take a breath as you prepare to breach, but the handle doesn’t move. 

“All that setup for a locked door, huh.” You relax your body and think of what to do next.

Hunter gives a small laugh, but he too seems unsure of what to do. The door opens outward, so you can’t kick it open, but the windows seem thin enough to break with a few well placed bullets. Your integral suppressor and .300 blackout rounds should conceal your shots somewhat, but they will still be audible. You could also just find another place to loot. That might end up being easier.

OPTION 1: Force entry into the convenience store
OPTION 2: Keep looking for another store
OPTION 3: Remember the location and go back to base to prepare better

CYS Western on 3/24/2020 8:41:08 PM

This is too perfect lmao

Collapse - Continuing Story on 3/24/2020 6:32:26 PM

The squad was originally two fireteams of 4 plus a squad leader, but since two are now dead, we have 7 remaining members.

Collapse - Continuing Story on 3/23/2020 9:35:48 PM

Before you read, I would like to say that I am not copying off of mizal with this, we just happened to be working on these things around the same time, and I was in a mood to write about a virus. I don't know if she's still planning on continuing it, but mizal's story is linked here.

In this continuing story, once the player dies, that character is dead permanently. Perspective will shift to another character until all are dead, or we reach a conclusion. There will be 2-3 choices at the end of each post, so please vote for the choice that you want below the story. I'll try to update this every couple days, depending on how many replies I get.



Flames from the fire dance, casting dull shadows on the walls of the ruined building. You sit with your chin resting in your hands, looking to the others around for any assurance that you’ll survive the days to come. You find none.

The mood at the camp is somber. Over the past 48 hours, society had collapsed entirely. Some new virus had swept across the globe, turning people into homicidal maniacs, spreading quickly and mutating unpredictably. After the first day of its arrival, national governments still existed, but could do nothing to control the panic and chaos gripping their people. Quarantines failed due to the tendency of infected people to behave erratically, and that the contagion shows no symptoms for the first week or so after infection. Soon, people in high positions in the government and military contracted the disease, solidifying the end of organized society. Many militaries, like the US’s, reacted violently to the outbreak once their control was dissolved. Cities were decimated in last-ditch efforts to control the spread of the virus.

Your squad happened to be on duty at the time of the outbreak, so you managed to avoid most of the commotion. But of course, things had to get worse. The leader of your fireteam, Holly Kusora, must have been infected at some point before most people started showing symptoms. On the second day of the outbreak, she dropped her gun and leaped onto Lance Murray, your pointman. In a second, she’d ripped his throat out with her teeth, and looked ready to pounce again.

She was too far gone, and you knew it. You pulled the trigger, killing her instantly. 

That was four hours ago. Now, as you sit in the makeshift camp with your six squadmates, you push down on the spring of your magazine. It gives just enough to fit one more bullet, and you wonder what it would have been like if you’d kept that 31st round. 

You feel a hand on your shoulder and turn to see the other fireteam’s rifleman and your best friend, Sam Green. “You did the right thing,” he says with what he can muster of a smile. “I’m sure she doesn’t blame you.”

You look up to the sky and let out a long sigh. “I sure hope she doesn’t. Otherwise there’ll be hell to pay.” You both share a weak chuckle.

The night is very calm compared the events of the past two days. You have some supplies in your bags, but you know that you’ll run out eventually. You’re not sure when you’ll see another calm night, so you might want to go out to scavenge. Then again, it might be good just to camp out for a while and rest after the recent chaos.

OPTION 1: Scavenge for supplies in the city
OPTION 2: Stay at camp and get some rest