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I'm just a random person that had the good surprise to come across this website during an internship.

Reading all sort of stories gave me the taste of writing my owns.

Profile_picI'm French so it might take a while before I publish anything, but I'll force myself to write over and over. I already know it'll be worth the efforts since I've so much to learn here.


If you need a French translator, or proofreader, I'll be happy to help.


Anyway I hope you'll enjoy my upcoming stuff. Have a nice day :)

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What was the best book you had to read at school? on 8/23/2021 11:31:20 AM

Good thing that this book is great !

Breaking News on 8/1/2021 4:03:23 PM

I just returned from vacations and reconnected on the forum, and THIS is the first thing I'm reading....

I guess I'll need another long break now.

Hi, I'm not actually new here on 7/6/2021 4:04:13 PM

Welcome back !

New here on 7/6/2021 4:03:06 PM

I'm French. Hi.

Hi on 7/6/2021 4:02:35 PM

Welcome to the site ! (sent from a part of Europe)

Obligatory CoG Rant on 7/6/2021 4:02:02 PM

Welcome to the site! Enjoy your time here

Taking a little break on 6/24/2021 3:46:56 AM

You deserve a rest for everything you do here. Enjoying things is great, but not with an overheating brain. Hope your break will make you feel better ^^

hi hi hi! on 6/24/2021 3:43:04 AM

Welcome to the site ! Making pages is great, but make sure to fill those with a great story. Good luck in your project !

Sam's Big Adventure 2: The IFaggotry Archives on 6/24/2021 3:40:30 AM

With this way of thinking, CYS would be dead by tomorrow.

Let me introduce myself! on 6/21/2021 9:03:12 AM

Bienvenue parmi nous !

Avant de te lancer dans une quelconque écriture, je te recommande fortement de lire les histoires présentes sur le site (les mieux notées). Ça donne vraiment le ton et l'exigence à avoir lors de la rédaction d'une histoire. Aussi lit les articles présents dans la rubrique "aide", qui informent énormément sur le fonctionnement global du site. Enfin, n'hésite pas à lire également le forum, qu'importe la catégorie. Ça aide à connaître l'ambiance au sein de la communauté.

Je n'ai plus qu'à te souhaiter bonne chance dans tes projets, j'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas nous pondre  :)    (n'hésite pas à poser des questions par message ou sur le forum d'aide si besoin)