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Hello! I'm Piscares :)

I love coffee, modern architecture, technology, and all things writing. I am currently in school to get my J.D. and become a corporate lawyer, so I am usually busy.

I suppose I am most interested in dystopian fiction writing. Although I have not created many storygames, this will likely come to be seen in my style of writing. I typically do not hold back when I write (sometimes to the detriment of my creativity after a lot of writing). I am personally of the sort of people that have big bursts of inspiration that quickly fade. I have juggled with many ideas on here, and have written many pages of ideas that I eventually tossed in the bin. My main goal right now is just to finish a damn storygame!


Electric Brains and Burnt-Out Frames


You're a nobody -- common street rabble, wiretrash, a scum scraper. You've heard it all. You've heard it so many times you wonder why no one's scooped you for your low-grade cybernetics yet. Your sight optics are failing (they're old news), your memory core is torched, and your arms need a tune-up. Worst of all, you live in the slums. Not even tourists come out here. The gangs are in everybody's pockets, and they'll shoot you just as look at you.

So you said screw it and joined up with some local arms dealers. They fitted you with some new implants (nothing top of the line, but better than the gutter trash you were coasting on). You're on an 'initiation job,' a.k.a the worst of the worst. You aren't sure why, all you're doing is delivering some highly illegal weaponry to a local bar. What's the worst that could happen?

Old Gods, Summoned


"Old Gods, Summoned" is a (possibly) long choose-your-own-adventure novel that details the nightmarish quests 18-year-old Kanai Yoshinaka experiences as he attempts to solve Kumisu, Japan's serious cultist problem.

Kumisu is a rather quaint town located in the Kii Peninsula of Japan, North of Kushimoto and East of Tanabe. Even despite being in the rainiest area of Japan, Kumisu experiences unusually high rainfall. Flooding occurs often and heavily, and the highly spiritual native population believes they are cursed. In the southernmost areas of Kumisu is the new, large city that encompasses most of the businessmen, investors, and rich fat-cats attempting to exploit the plant genetic resources in the nearby forests. Skyscrapers, apartments, and busy intersections are common. To the north, the ancient, secluded farms and small tribal villages that make up "Old Kumisu." A majority of the people here are farmers or craftsmen. Surrounding Kumisu are dense, humid forests (except for the main road which leads to Tanabe).


Kanai Yoshinaka, an 18-year-old boy who just graduated Kumisu High School and has plans to attend The University of Tokyo. Yoshinaka is of a medium-build, pale-skinned, jet black hair paired with fudge-colored eyes, and of a medium height. An "average Joe" who has no idea just how important he is to his hometown.

Of course, how Kanai Yoshinaka acts and expresses himself is entirely up to you. You can make him cautious and untrusting or headstrong and courageous.

Yoshinaka, having been accepted into the University of Tokyo, has begun working at his mom's bakery in the outskirts of Kumisu City. Business is slow and the hours are short, so Kanai has a lot of time on his hands. However, what little business the bakery does get usually leads to some pretty interesting gossip among the customers. Rumors would have it that dark cultists are inhabiting the nearby forests and practicing evil rituals to awaken otherworldly demons and spirits.Whispers of old gods and eldritch being are nothing short of extremely common.



This is a fictionalized town in Japan. No references to actual religions or cults are made.


Extra Information:

Endings: TBA (Currently: 1)

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They're fixed for me now. I'm having no issues at the moment.

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I did not mean for this to post twice. x_x

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Every storygame I click on gives the following error message. It says there a problem with Line 41 of the source code. How do I fix this?



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Cyberpunk Contest: THE DAEMON on 5/31/2021 11:36:15 AM

Yeah, I suppose you're right  I enjoy the descriptors and I realize that can bog down my writing to where one page is excessively long. I just don't want the reader to feel as though they can't get a mental picture of the world I am trying to create. Sometimes that causes me to over-write. Now that I reread it... it is a pretty excessive word count for just calling a cab. On future pages, i'll try to make the choices more impactful and meaningful while limiting my words. I don't want this story to be a chore to read. :)

Cyberpunk Contest: THE DAEMON on 5/31/2021 2:52:08 AM

I cater to to those with refined eyesight. I suggest you upgrade your optics ;). 


Just kidding  I'll be sure to increase the font size!


Cyberpunk Contest: THE DAEMON on 5/31/2021 1:13:44 AM

I must confess that I have not been as active on this site I would have liked, and I have mulled over joining the Cyberpunk contest to give myself an actual deadline to commit to. The problem is that I am not sure whether or not the idea I have gone for is interesting. The story revolves around the idea that futuristic cybernetics and technology create a gateway for hackers to infiltrate the most private of our lives. This story is the idea that nothing around us is truly private or hidden when the internet is thrown into the mix. You fill the pants of Morgan Choi, a long-dead hitman, and bounty hunter. He was influential in discovering the mastermind behind the malicious daemon that caused a breakdown of societal order in Avalon, USA. However, his memory chip is fairly corrupted and must be filled in by imperfect A.I. sequencing technology. That is where the reader comes in...to make the most informed choice in their eyes to replay the events of Morgan Choi as it would have most likely happened. I'll put here the first page. Does this seem interesting? Anything you all would like to see improved upon or added in the future?

I really want the reader to connect with the personality of Mr. Choi and his staunchly anti-corporate yet apathetic and nostalgic personality. I want the reader to realize he doesn't live in the best conditions and might even yearn for the old days (he's roughly 42. It's revealed later). The journey will definitely highlight the positives and negatives of the cyberpunk lifestyle but is also a glimpse into the life of a realistic person with conflicting morals in a high-tech, low-life society. Things do often get hectic and fast-paced, but there are also slow and emotional moments I would like to add. This initial section is meant to capture ordinary life for Mr. Choi, which isn't too far off of our life (despite obvious technological upgrades and resource limitations...i.e. synthetic tobacco).


-+-+- THE DAEMON -+-+-


"Mr. Choi. My sensors indicate high levels of stress. Would you like me to order you another Rusty Mary? Or perhaps you would like to look over the menu once more?"


I looked up at the robot. It had "R.O.B (RESTAURANT ORDERING BOT)" etched in its cheap metal frame and the rust caused the moving parts within it to occasionally crackle or buzz. It had entered through a compartment in the roof, just as all the other tables' R.O.Bs.  It was staring down at me intently, awaiting my response so it might send in the order and return to its compartment to watch me as I drank or ate. There truly was no privacy. In the end, I decided not to waste its time, even if it might have no concept of such a thing.


"No, but could you call me a cab? It's getting late." I requested, and for a minute it just seemed to stare at me with its giant red eye in the center of its boxed chassis.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Choi, but I am afraid that is beyond my capabilities. You can request my owner to upgrade to the Silver Package. It has access to services such as calling, texting, and interfacing with another unit. This package is only *25/cr a month more than your current package. Or, you may consider the Gold Package. It comes with all the previous services but also includes unlimited call access to nearby health clinics and-"


"Nevermind, then. Just leave me alone."


"Very well, Mr. Choi. Here is your check. You have a good night." The machine began to whirr for a few seconds before spitting out a receipt. It seemed as though it was going to produce a pen, as well, but it got jammed before dropping and the robot returned to its compartment swiftly. Luckily I had a pen.


I produced the pen from my coat pocket, taking care to sign it as perfectly and uniquely as possible. The last time I used a generic signature it was stolen by script-kiddies who'd hijacked all the R.O.Bs. After signing, I quickly took the last chug of my Rusty Mary and stood up. I walked out of the bar, which by then was mostly cleared of patrons since it was getting late. The bell above the door buzzed as I walked out, signaling one of the bussers to come and lock it behind me. I guess I was the last one...


I leaned up against the brick wall of the bar and pulled a cigarette out of my back pocket. It was poorly rolled and contained synthetic tobacco since the real stuff was too hard to get nowadays, but I made do as I always had. I took a deep sigh before lighting the cigarette and looking at my watch. 10:37 P.M. I let the smoke crawl up my face and up the wall, finally being consumed by the vibrant neon signs that towered above me. Sometimes I would forget just how tall Avalon was. My apartment was on the ground, as well as most of my usual dives, which often separates me from the happenings above the clouds. I'd like to imagine that I'm not missing much, but then I'd be lying to myself. I took another long drag of my cigarette, trying to work up the will to call a cab. The night was particularly dark. Well, as dark as neon-soaked cityscape could be. I could faintly make out the silhouettes of infrequent strangers on the other side of the road, as well as the occasional car that would come chugging along. I used to think owning a car would be pointless due to all the traffic. I used to be right. But now that everyone is hovering or just running with augmented legs, cars were phased out. The only people you see with wheeled cars now are the poor or extremely wealthy collectors taking their recent piece out for a joyride instead of donating to struggling soup kitchens or employing new blood. Not that it mattered. Most entry-level grunt work is done by efficient machines, and augmenting the struggling unemployed costs money and effort. And it doesn't help that they have emotions and needs, either.


I snapped out of my deep thought to take another pull of the cigarette, which was already almost gone. I flicked it onto the ground and stamped it out with my worn boot. I rolled up my sleeve, revealing a strip of metal that acted as a touchpad. I typed in my password and clicked the CabCall app. The app was, of course, connected to my recently implanted optics. I was soon patched through to a map of several different cabs with their exact locations and descriptions of the drivers. I settled on the one second closest to me. The one closest looked like a shady type. Neckbeard, greasy hair and he was driving a van. I put in the order, paid on the spot, and proceeded to watch a 15-second ad that covered my vision about the benefit of GERTRUDE'S MOIST TOWLETTES on rusty cybernetics. I started to see the appeal of CabCall Premium. But, I also wasn't a corporate shill.


For a while, I sat on a nearby bench. It was only *2/cr per hour to remove the 'wildlife-nesting protection spikes.' In other words, I had to pay to remove spikes on a bench that prevented the homeless from sleeping somewhere comfortable. There isn't any wildlife in Avalon left save for the ones in zoos or wealthy households, and even those are diminishing.


I waited for 20 minutes for that damn cab. I pulled up that CabCall app again, knowing full well I was going to have to sit through another ad. It said the cab was on the way, but the cab had taken several detours through older and shadier parts of town. It seemed to be taking the longest possible route to me. My home was only a 15-minute walk away. It would be a dangerous walk at this time of night but doable. Then again, a new suit doesn't do well in acidic rain. And neither does skin for prolonged periods.