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Hi I'm RabbitKit, all you need to know about me is that I love kitten/cats. RabbitKit is my cat (names Rabbit)

I'm working on a storygame with my friend, Little_Panda right now. It's basically where terrorists attack your city and you have to defend yourself from terrorists/animals/and other. MSG me for more information

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Portal World

The plot is you get sucked into a portal and you make your way through the strange countryside. If you get something wrong and it says you lose, you can go back to the last question and choose a different answer

The Kahashi

You are caught in a terrorist attack frim the Kahashi desert tribes. Sometimes people to help you, but mostly you have to FEND FOR YOURSELF, try to save other people, but dont die. Dying will make you lose. But don't TRY to kill civilians or the police might get you. Good luck! You earn points for killing terrorists and saving civilians. You lose points for killing civilians or making any other selfish act. 


You are Zri-San, a widely known robber, and master of disguises. You steal things, but that becomes minor as you are hunted down. Get 40 points and get a special item.

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Poison? on 3/5/2014 9:36:53 PM

Can you make there be poison, or hunger or something, and you lose _ per each _  turns?