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Too much? on 5/17/2021 8:55:49 PM
Can't sleep, so here I am with my old pal Word before me, eager to go to work. The scene I was planning to write next gives me pause however: this being a story about cats it may attract children. As a rookie member of an organization of freedom fighters, you're sent to meet up with a partner for a mission. This particular mission entails breaking into a hospital nursery and killing all the (human) babies there. It's done by poisoning and it's optional whether you assist with this, but this other cat, Gliada, is a possible romance partner later and the point of all this is to establish how ruthless she is. Is this crossing any kind of line or breaking any rules? I want to make sure I don't need to adjust anything before I continue.

Jew Jitsu! on 5/17/2021 8:47:22 PM
No, no, you're mistaken. That top picture is my mother.

Jew Jitsu! on 5/15/2021 8:19:49 PM
Please don't doxx me that way.

Taboo Subject on 5/15/2021 8:04:32 PM
Why not both?

Taboo Subject on 5/15/2021 8:04:17 PM
Good to know I'm in the clear! And don't worry, although I have certainly dabbled in fanfiction, I have little interest in it any more. (It started to feel restrictive, and readers can be vocal in their lack of appreciation when you deviate from what they expect as far as the canon goes.) I've lurked here on an off over the years and I'm glad to officially be back. I can't even remember what my original account was and I believe it's banned anyhow, but this was the site that got me thinking of myself as a writer. I went on to impress my English teachers at the very least and I think members of the site will be able to overcome their reluctance and enjoy what I have planned, I've certainly improved in leaps and bounds over my first fledgling efforts here.

Taboo Subject on 5/13/2021 1:27:27 PM
Greetings CYS, it's been awhile. I wish to write about our Meowy Overlords. Has enough time passed that it's possible to write a storygame about c*** without giving everyone on the site flashbacks to their time in 'Nam?