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Hello there everyone. I'm Silverarika and I'm new to this site.I'm currently working on two projects that I plan to release simultaneously.I also look forwarding to playing all the games the skilled writers on this site have to offer.

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Best Seller Episode 2 "An Offer You Can't Refuse"

Henry has to pull out all the stops if he wants to best the of the worst possible situation. And he'll need your help to do it.

(The game has bad endings and canon endings. Bad endings end the game, where canon endings carry over into the next episode. And don't worry, there are multiple canon endings. Enjoy~)

Best Seller: Episode 1 "You're Hired"

You take control of Henry Farrier, a low-level salesman whose skills and sharp tongue lands him an opportunity... An opportunity that could get him hurt if he's not too careful.

Blanco Blanco

Arsoncole Academy is a school that takes student and allows them to become the masters of the class of their choosing.The Heart Reds who wish to become war heroes and expert soldiers. The Brain Blues who wish to become doctors, scientists ,mathematicians and the like. The Soul Yellows who wish to become entertainers ,being experts in the arts of ,acting,painting,cooking and so forth and last but not least the Eyes Green who wish to understand the human psyche completely and wish to become lawyers,politicians and therapist.With whatever group there will be many unforgettable rewards but like all decisions there will be many road blocks. Choose your profession and overcome these road blocks with your inseparable allies. Welcome to Arsoncole Academy.