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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Last Salvation

dark pica.png


Society has been overtaken by an infestation of hellish beings. People have been going missing and or killed by these creatures all over the world. No one can make heads or tails of it, such as the five people that seek shelter in a nearby warehouse in their city. However, it may prove to be their biggest mistake...


You'll have the opportunity to control five different characters during your journey, your goal is to try and keep as many as you can alive by the end of it. Every choice you make will impact the outcome of all your characters and your story as a whole.


This story mimmics the format of the Dark Pictures Anthology games. You'll be able to collect various pictures that can reveal hints of future events to help better achieve the ending you'll find most enjoyable. There will also be instances were you'll need to complete certain tasks in order to accomplish many actions, such as:

[SEARCH]: Visit various places to investigate different areas, interact with items, and talk with others in order to proceed the story.

[MASH]: Click the [MASH] option several times until the [FINISH] option turns blue. Continual pressing of the [MASH] button afterwards can lead to failing the action you wish to complete and could lead to deadly outcomes.

[KEEP CALM]: Remember the set of directions (NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST) that each character is given and be prepared to repeat their pattern when you control them during a stressful situation. Completing the pattern/keeping calm will often result in a favorable outcome, but sometimes it may be better to perform an [ACTION] during that time or even fail at keeping calm. It's your call.