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Used to be on this website a lot when I was 12. Starting fresh to see what happens.


Into animals and aliens, as you might've guessed. Mostly speculative evolution stuff.

I imagine a world where Avatar was actually a good movie instead of Blue Pocahontas. What would've happened if the sapient species on Pandora wasn't humanoid and bangable?

I'll probably start with some short and simple storygames until I get used to it again.

2020 high school graduate(?) hoping to get back into writing.


Second Contact

You find yourself in the middle of what you assume to be an alien world. They say you are the first, but are you? 


This is a bit of an experiment on how much a main character's personality can change where a story goes.

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Any Sci-Fi books with "realistic" aliens in them? on 5/14/2020 1:54:46 PM

When I say realistic, I really just mean interesting visually and conceptually. I need to get back into reading, but all of the books I've found with sapient and diplomatic aliens in them only have humanoid ones or "godlike" aliens with no real form. In a perfect world, I'm looking for something that has multiple distinct and thought out aliens like Becky Chambers' Wayfarer series, but with designs and backstories as fun (or funner) as Animorphs or Space Opera.

But really I just want a story on an alien world that isn't almost completely barren or taken over by humans. Or honestly any book where an interesting, alien species that isn't humanoid or just big evil bugs plays a fairly large role, and we get to see some of their culture and how they work.

Second Hello on 5/12/2020 10:13:47 AM

I haven't done it yet. I just need anything to stop myself from procrastinating. Having a set date in my head may encourage me to actually put things on the page.

Second Hello on 5/12/2020 9:42:00 AM

Hey there! I remember going on this website when I was a little kid. Now I think I'll try again, but take it a little more seriously.

I used to be vonkittycat, and I was around when Warrior Cats was banned. Good times.

I'll probably be writing little things here because even though I have a great story Idea, I suck at writing main characters. I hope this will give me some confidence.

I'm thinking of writing a real book, and having at least a rough draft completed by the end of this years nanowrimo.

Hope this fresh new start does me some good.