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The courtroom's shouts and banter fell completely still as the bailiff hands over a document to the waiting judge. As they do this, the jury walks back into the room. Some with confidence, others with remorse.

"I'm guilty..." you say to yourself, "That's what they're going to say. Fuck them all! Nobody actually knows the truth, nor do they care. I can see it in their eyes..."

When all the jury members sit down, the judge finally begins.

"During the course of 2 hours, the jury has seen all the evidence presented before the court. Every statement, Every psychological analysis, every physical pieces of evidence, and every medical analysis. In this document is the verdict in which the defendant... WHO STILL DOES NOT WANT THEIR NAME REVEALED TO THE COURT... is found. During the hearing a week ago, the defendant has pled Not Guilty to the 42 murders and 2 attempted murders he is being charged with. On behalf of the court, I would like to thank everyone involved with the case for taking the last month out of their time to come together to have a fair trial."

"Oh for fuck sakes, I've said it to the fucking judge like 30 different times," you say to yourself, "And I got 30 fucking scars on my back to show for it..."

The judge rambles on about the past week, which the narrator will spare everyone the details because to be completely fucking honest with you it's not very exciting at all. But they digress.

"Now," the judge concludes, "As of today and onwards, the jury full of fair and righteous individuals finds you... GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES! Also, they suggest the death sentence for all of the heinous acts of murder and attempts-at you have committed!"

Big. Fucking. Surprise.

"As the law states, the death sentence we the court can assign is via the method of HANGING. Therefore, We shall assign an executioner within the next few days, and have the execution take place by the end of the week. Also, as the law allows, because the acts this individual has committed are so heinous the court will find that the execution shall NOT be public, despite the normal procedures being of the public. Hopefully, there will be no controversy spilled because of this. We the court find transparency to be the most important momento in this court and will forever be the most important. The court is adjourned!"

The judge ends the trial with his gavel, causing everyone to celebrate and parade all over the streets. The killer is sentenced to death, and the country is safe once again!

As for you, well aware that this is all a cover-up, there is nothing you can do to stop the execution. If they have gone this far to try and cover things up, why stop it now? It'll only get you executed sooner.

Unless of course, you rather not let them win at their own game...

Within the hour, you are back inside your cell. Not much to look at, to be honest. Grey, dusty... that's about it really. You lay on your bed, contemplating your next move.

"I know this is the right thing to do, but why the fuck am I so hesitant about it?" you ask yourself.

The only window in your cell is looking outside of the jail compounds, but it being too high up for you to see makes it meaningless for someone to try and spy on you. You know how the game goes: If you can't see through it, they most likely can't see you through it.

Fortunately for you, it will actually be a beneficial thing. As you sit back up on the bed, you fish around your pockets for the pen you smuggled in from the courtroom. You click it open and hold it up to your stomach. You take a few moments to reflect on everything that has happened to you throughout your life. Corruption, Betrayal, Heartbreak, and every other cliche words used to overdramatize the life of an underwhelming and boring individual.

"Not today, bitches," you say to yourself, "FUCK THIS SHIT!!"

You start stabbing yourself in the stomach. blood spills out as you continue to stab yourself over and over again. Finally, you stab yourself so many times, darkness fogs your eyes and you fall to the floor. Your body won't be found within another 3 hours, and by then there is nothing they can do to bring you back to life.


"We've been expecting you, my lord," a soft voice says soothingly.

You wake up to see what can only be described as a figure of death. Devil-like even, or what you would expect a devil to look like. Its body is covered in a large royal cloak filled with greens and yellows as it holds a pitchfork made of black metal in its right hand.

"Wha... who are you?" you ask.

"Not important, my lord. Come, COME! We mustn't waste time!"

The devil grabs your arm and stands you on your feet. He drags you in the direction you were facing, only now realizing that the surrounding area is either completely fogged or not visible to you.

"Where the fuck am I?" you ask.

"Don't worry about it, my lord" The devil answers back.

You both run for about 5 minutes until a castle starts to become visible. As you run, you stare in awe as this castle is no ordinary castle. This castle seems very royal, with mostly a black and red colour pattern all over the building. Surrounding the castle is a lake of lava fuck knows how deep. As you approach the castle, you can hear barking sounds as you can make out multiple three-headed wolf-like creatures rush to the edge of the lake.

"Are those..." I start asking.

"Cerberi, yes" the devil answers, "And Cerberus if you refer to it as one."

"I thought Cerberus was only in Greek mythology..." I ask.

"Is that a kind of religion?" The devil asks, "We've never heard about mythology before. We've seen Christians, Islams, Hindus, and others and they all seem to be interconnected in their own communal way. Not exactly the same story or similar characters, but they all have the same premise."

"Sort of," I answer, "It kinda died down over a few thousand years ago. The Greeks used to depict what hell looked like, and they depicted that there was a multi-headed "dog" called a Cerberus that would guard the gates of hell... or I think it was like a "dog" anyway. These look like dogs to me, so that's what I'm going with."

"Ah," exclaimed the devil, "Well it seems that they have been the closest to depict our way of life. However, instead of just one, we have hordes of them!"


"And I'm sure that it's the ONLY thing they got right!" The devil added.

You both make it to the lake of lava when a drawbridge is lowered in front of us seemingly out of nowhere. As we cross, the cerberi race towards you, only to stop when they see who is crossing the bridge. When they reach about a few feet between you, they start to bow their heads.

"This is for you, my lord," the devil tells you, "soak it all in!"

"Wait... seriously?"

You slowly walk up to a Cerberus, and stroke one of its heads. While the one head is enjoying the stroking, the other two heads lick your hand out of excitement.

"Holy shit... HAHAHAHA" You say loudly, "This is AWESOME! But... why me?"

"When you're ready, come inside and things will be explained to you... well, enough for a welcome home gift. The finer details of it all will be talked about in a few days time," the devil tells you.

The devil leaves you and opens a gold door, entering the castle walls a few yards away. After greeting the Cerberi for about 20 minutes, you follow them and enter the building. As you enter, the devil you saw and another devil-like beast talk amongst each other. The second devil is much shorter than the other. They appear to be wearing the same outfit as the first devil, but their teeth are sticking out of their mouth and half of their nose seems to have been bit off by something you probably wouldn't be interested in knowing about. When you enter the castle, they both see and approach you with smiles on their faces.

"It is an honour, my lord," the smaller devil exclaims, "We have waited so long for you to lead us!"

"Lead what now?" you ask, "I don't even know where I AM, let alone know what's going on."

"Welcome to Hell, my lord!" the first devil announces, "You have been sent down to lead us to a better tomorrow!"

"Erm..." you stamper, "I need more context..."

"The place before you had treated you with the utmost disrespect. Typically, we wouldn't pander to such nonsense because it is not our business to input what the people above should and shouldn't do. Your entire life had been a game to your government. Your people backstab, cheat, lie, and deceive each other on a daily basis. Unfortunately, you have been the worst case of this in over a millennium. Your record had been on profile since the day you were born, and for over 20 years after that, your government had framed you of all sorts of murders. These murder victims were typically spies that betrayed the government for their own agendas. Typical human behaviour to be selfish of course, but the point is that they blamed over 40 murders to your name for political gain. Fuck knows why they decided to kill you now, but because you have been fucked over heavily by your government for your entire human life, it is only right that you live royally and lead us into a better tomorrow. We will teach you the ropes on how to become a Devil and as one, we as devils will maintain the order of death and life for all eternity!"

Shocked and excited at the same time, you stare at both of the devils for a few minutes with wide eyes. Finally, you muster up the words to break the silence:


"You will be dubbed 'The Devil', as only the leader is allowed to be called such a title. We all agreed for this to happen, so we now officially dub ourselves 'devilites' and can identify ourselves individually through our smells. Don't worry, you will get the hang of it quickly."

And as promised, eternities later, The Devil and his people maintain the balance of life and death through nothing more than through the devilish ways in which they encompass and culture themselves with... and it will remain that way for eternities onwards, forever and ever.


But enough about my origin story...

As of writing this, I'm 20 years old, love card games, chess, music, and writing. Basically, anything therapeutic I can enjoy really quickly!

DMs are always open assuming it's not filled with spam, and duels will most likely be accepted! Looking forward to meeting you all :D

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