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Dummy story.
Made to see what I can do here.
Don't take it seriously

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Who do you think should be able to give trophies? on 6/17/2012 8:55:17 AM
EndMaster, Mithex, Marmotlord, ThisisBo and Romulus

Zombies Ate My Brain! on 6/10/2012 5:35:15 PM
add meeee add meee add meee! I'll bne a creepy guy who tries to fend off the zombies with voodoo, but gets eaten and transforms into a zombie shaman, who carries a lollipop and a magic pen!

One of the best comments I've gotten in a while on 6/10/2012 1:10:53 PM
look what comments I GOT I'm great, ain't I? Not the best I've played. It's really short, the pages aren't that long, and I can tell you didn't put a lot of effort into this. I know that some people like games where there is no plot and you're just playing around, which is nice, but you didn't do that well. It just came off as a cheap game with not a whole lot of effort put into it. My suggestion is to make it longer with better choices other than just sexual ones that continue the story(because some people, like me, don't really like reading a story just about sex.) Also, you should try to take your games more seriously because you can ruin your reputation and standing in the community. 1/8 Dummy JMgskills 6/10/2012 12:51:42 PM thx for feedback. No, marmotlord, but I fucked the school hottie ;) Dummy VolJin 6/10/2012 12:46:31 PM "based off a true story"? so you're the sexual slave of your gay science teacher? Dummy Marmotlord 6/10/2012 12:42:55 PM dafuq is this? i bet it took you 2 minutes! And I think the posioned food was the good ending. Dummy Marmotlord 6/10/2012 12:40:23 PM I took it seriously, didn't work. So I tried to take it humorously, that didn't work either. Since I can't like it in any way I can possibly think about it, I gave it a 1. Congratulations. Dummy ThisisBo 6/10/2012 12:37:52 PM