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I apologize for lack of interesting things on my profile, if you found it is most likely off of comments or the online slot at the bottom of the pages. I am still undecided as to whether I should create a story so bare with me on that front. I hope you are at least having a good day! :)


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Hello, I'm new here. on 8/5/2018 1:39:47 PM

Thanks, have a good day.

Hello, I'm new here. on 8/5/2018 1:39:24 PM

Nice, you have fun too :)

Hello, I'm new here. on 8/5/2018 1:39:05 PM

Thank you very much for the advice, I appreciate it!

Hello, I'm new here. on 8/4/2018 6:32:31 PM

I have recently decided to enlist myself upon this site for a reason unbeknownst to me (actually, I guess for fun). I have no idea whether I should attempt to write a story or just comment upon current ones. Is there anybody available to give an opinion?