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Hello, I'm so happy to join the community of story game writers and readers. I am really excited to make all of my ideas come to life but I am also pretty new so your comments would help me out a lot. Give me ideas, suggestions for improvement, more efficient ways to write a story, or really any useful criticism.


I really like reading and writing. Grammarly is probably my best friend (and editor). My favorite genres

Survival Horror

Science Fiction



Historical Fiction

         I really like Alternate History




You are the new Timer. Your job is to travel through time until you have the ability to stop the apocalypse that is about to happen. Beware the enemy has set time-traveling robots to stop you. What you do could be the difference between life and death for the whole world.


This is a Linear CYOA story. So right choices keep you moving and wrongs ones kill you or loop you around to the rights one eventually.



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Espionage on 4/26/2022 10:25:29 AM

I found this PDF and I love it. Thought I might share it with you since I'm using it in my story game "Timer".


It is a great resource for writing anything that involves stealth or spies.

It also has surveillance tips if you want to be that one annoying neighbor who knows everything that's going on. :P

Highlighting and Health Bars on 12/15/2021 10:08:45 AM

I had an idea that if you make a pattern like this |__|__|__|__| and then used the code (shout out to BerkaZerka for making the artical with how to do this part) that changes what the screen says based on a variable ((EXAMPLE: %%STRENGTH%<%3%Weak%%%%STRENGTH%=%3%Below Average%%)) Then I could make a health BAR by doing somthing like this %%HEALTH%=%QHEALTH%3%|__|__|__|__|%%%%HEALTH%=%HALFHEALTH%|__|__|__|__|%%%%HEALTH%=%3QHEALTH%|__|__|__|__|%%%%HEALTH%=%MAX%|__|__|__|__|%% but in each one a different amount would be highlighted.



You are a Newbie fighter that is very weak so you only have 4 hit points. When at full Health the bar |__|__|__|__| would be completly highlighted green. You get stabbed in the foot when someone throws a spear so now the bar |__|__|__|__| would be 3/4 highlighted in yellow.

Does anyone have a code for highlighting?

Variable D6 on 9/4/2021 3:08:33 PM

Is there any way to make the computer do a dice roll like 1D6 but have it replace 1 with a variable? The would really cut down on scripting time if there is.

My next game on 9/1/2021 1:20:05 PM

Thank you.

My next game on 9/1/2021 12:19:43 PM

I have heard your complaints. This story has a plot line and the deaths will be less random. (I don't do good in grammar so i'll try my best but no promises).

For those of you who haven't played my last game. I'll admit that's it sounds a bit like a child that rambles on and abruptly stops at some point just because. I'd still like it if you would check it out and give it a review with your own opinion.

This new game will be about a group of survivors that find themselves in a real pinch trying to get out of a city 1 year after the zombie apocalypse has started. Running low on fuel on the outskirts of town and having one of there friends go missing they begin to search for things avoiding zombies and human renegades. There will be 2 different Chapter 3's depending on what happens in Chapter 2 and both will have different endings. I'll also be using variables to create a more human character than what I had last time.

Another way I'm creating a better character is by fleshing out the story a bit more and providing flashbacks to key moments throughout the story. I am open to advice so if you have suggestions please post them.



Fight the Dead, Fear the Living