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Interview a Psychopath

You're a reporter looking for a new job, you are put into the task of interviewing famous serial killers or unknown Psychopaths. This game can include the smallest details for more of a environmental feel. Do you have the guts to face a psychopath?

Find Out.

Time Travel is Overrated

You live a normal life, but you have a time travel device. It's not the best device in the universe, it really is a terrible invention. Except it has time travel, which makes it "Out of this World". Well you pretty much didn't make it, some creepy old guy who knows you did. Weird how he knows you. Well he passed away, so you have his beta version.

You can choose what you want to do, but everything has a consequence...

A Stereotypical Back To The Future Rip Off, Pretty Decent. Updates Regulary.

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Need Help for a Batman Game on 5/24/2015 4:47:28 AM

I know its not a hard answer that Batman will not kill The Joker, but somebody will because there is quite a lot of characters involved.

Need Help for a Batman Game on 5/24/2015 4:44:18 AM

Go on, just laugh. But I do fix my writing. Its not a big deal.

And hell, that's just a mistake.

Need Help for a Batman Game on 5/23/2015 11:34:15 AM

Yes i know the title sounds stupid, but just listen up for a second.

It's not a colorful Batman and Robin story, It's not got bad grammar or spelling mistakes. It's supposed to be dark and gritty like Nolan's trilogy for example. I need quite some help as I might want it to be perfect. I just ask for...

  • An experienced user who can help with Advanced stuff
  • A Co-author (I'll do all the writing and then maybe you can rewrite some stuff.)
  • A Graphics designer (optional)

If you are all of the above and want to help, I'll be glad and grateful. The Title is called Batman: Joker's Game. It's not a story for three year old Lego fans. We're talking The Killing Joke or Death of The Family or something.

I'll message you the basic plot.

You could leave suggestions in comments.

-I am a new user, so don't get mad lol.