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Prank Ideas? on 3/31/2022 12:53:31 PM
No no. We are the best place for this. Glue his eyes shut and convince him that he's blind.

What Color is your Fart? on 3/30/2022 12:52:32 PM
Ogre's truly the fart expert

What Color is your Fart? on 3/29/2022 8:00:19 AM
I think the true question here is what color are YOUR farts, Ogre? You shouldn't exclude yourself from your own research. Every person's answer counts. As for me, I would say it depends on the day.

Fantasy Recommendations? on 3/12/2022 10:13:13 AM
I've been wanting to get into the fantasy genre for awhile. Only problem is that the genre is such a hit or miss. I wouldn't mind wasting a bunch of time on a big series either. Whatever fantasy books you got, throw them at me!