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Hi! I'm Checker444. I made this account 1/4/08. I published my first game on 4/6/09 but deleted it 4 days later.

My Games:
The Lost Caves Published: 4/8/09.
How Hard Must It Be To Cross A Bridge? Published 4/9/09


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(A Parody) The Tower: Embarking from the Close Land.


This story is a parody on The Tower. and The Tower: Embarking from the Far Land. I made this with my brother, coi890, and a tab with both Towers open all the time.


Glaile, still unsure of death or not, has been assigned a new mission by Christopher: The portals opened in Serennia (From The Tower 2) were not the only ones. This time, he only has 15 hours to open 5 more portals... but the portals aren't going to open that easy this time.

Special Thanks

JJJ-thebanisher: 1. For making my favourite games on the site. 2. For allowing me to make a parody of some of my favourite games on the site, which are some of the GREATEST games on the site. 3. For just being on the site because without him this place would be about as dull as a rock.

coi890: For helping me write the story.

Alex, March and Choco: For making the site.

Other Legal Stuff

I do not own The Tower. This was created under permission from the author.

Author's Note

If you have not played the original Tower games, do so before playing this! This story will start right off and if you do not know what anything is, you need to play the original games.

A Different World

When a normal day turns into a disaster, you can expect to find what's coming... coming.

This is not really a game... it's the story of a rejected person who found acceptance in a world they never expected to be.

doomed to failure

doomed to failure


How Hard Must It Be To Cross A Bridge?

The police are after you!

Running hard, you come to a bridge. The wood is warped and the rope is thin. You feel that attempting to cross the bridge will be the last thing you do before death. The water below is roaring and thrashing like rapids. Can you get across the river before the police appear to arrest you?

It's not that simple...

This game is about Jeff, a young (stick figure) man who has been told to go save a race of funny, elfish people. His adventure started in a field but suddenly took twists and turns and wound up in the bloodiest adventure he'd ever been on.


This game is not intended for anyone under the age of 13 as it contains gory images (cartoon as they may be) and semi-scary images. Viewer discretion advised.

Descriptors: Blood and Gore
Cartoon Violence
Suggestive Themes

Some of the gore in this game may be illegal to your country. (I only know that decapitation is illegal in Japan.) Please note that this game DOES contain decapitation, blood and gore, and violence. If any of this is against the law in your country, a word of advice: As soon as you see a guy with an axe or a machete come at you, click the link ASAP - the result may be forbidden. Thank you, and please enjoy!

A not-so-cool game by the not-so-almighty Checker 444.

Join the Military!

Oh, come on! It's gonna be fun! By the way, I suggest you make the window of the actual game maximised so you don't have to keep scrolling down at certain times while playing.


Lost in the Mall?

You get lost in the mall. Pretty weak!

The Lost Caves

You've known for a while about the lost caves. You've known that they hold magnificent treasure. But now you have decided to uncover...


EDIT 1: 4/9/09 Unpublished for a few spelling errors and a text effect problem.

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looking back this has become random.

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I'm sure that many of us have been falsely accused of being Bob... There is about a 5 of 100 chance that a new account is actually Bob. Or, if you want me to believe the other side of the story (every new user is Bob) then I guess I have the right to say that 3J, Fleshy, or even Alex is Bob. If someone comes to this site and are suddenly bombarded with "It's Bob! GET HIM!" This site is supposed to be a writing site with "members all over the globe." It seems like people from "all over the world" are NOT coming here because people believe they are someone that they are not. As far as I know, no user as braindead as Bob has been on here since May. Yes, I may be pretty braindead (play my stories) but I brag that I have much more intelligence than Bob.

Basically: No one is Bob or everyone is Bob.

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you find that funny... how?

Question about trophies on 4/17/2009 7:41:21 PM

Can someone just answer the question: If someone were to give me their trophy, how would I know without clicking on my profile?

Question about trophies on 4/16/2009 5:20:44 PM

And to DS: You don't want to know how BAD I am at baseball. Once, I swung the bat at the ball, accidentally et go of the bat, and the ball dropped to the ground and the bat hit the third baseman in the crotch.

Question about trophies on 4/16/2009 5:18:30 PM

I mean like a trophy from 3j or seth or fleshy or something.

Question about trophies on 4/15/2009 11:40:35 AM

I meant a user trophy. With the user's symbol on it. Notification? PM?

Question about trophies on 4/14/2009 8:27:20 PM

(I don't know which category to post this in... if this belongs somewhere else can it be moved?)

If you were to be given a user trophy, how would you know you did? Would you get a notification or something? I'm just curious.

Problem with Magventure? on 4/14/2009 11:26:07 AM

Probably been posted before but I can't beat magventure because when I choose the murderer then it shows me all the messages, then daychanger, then I'm stuck.

please help