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my school crush on 1/8/2024 3:56:15 PM
I had a crush on one of my seniors. I somehow got his number and started a conversation with him. I made sure I was consistent in his life and helped him whenever he needed me. We became good friends. I always wanted and imagined us in a relationship. I loved him but I was never sure if he could fall in love with me. One day he told me while we were chatting that he had someone whom he liked. Suddenly there was a weird feeling in my heart which was not good. I cried a little bit. But then I decided to just trust the Universe. Every evening I used to imagine us in a relationship and affirmed that he was madly in love with me. I was obsessed with him and this is where I was wrong. If I wanted my desire to come true I should let it go. I should be okay with the possibility of never getting him. That was when I started to focus on myself. There was so much work and love that needed to be put into every area of my life. Because I was in love with him it was natural for me to think about him. So whenever I used to get a thought about him I used to thank the Universe and then move on with my work. Then one day we were just casually chatting and made a plan to meet. I made sure I was neutral and not so hyped about this meeting because I always had a habit of imagining certain things and being obsessed with them. I did not want to be interfering with the Universe’s plan, so to avoid this I made myself busy with other work. Then was the day of our meet. I looked super cute and I noticed him staring at me like anything. Then we were talking and he suddenly confessed his feelings to me. He said he loved me and he was so thankful that I was always there for him. That was when I also expressed my feelings too. I had tears in my eyes, my heart was so full. Despite the odds, the Universe made sure that I get what I wanted.