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Danger in the Dungeons Book 1: Welcome to the Dungeons

This is a book series based off of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons! Now I am going to be honest. This was my first ever attempt at a story game I wrote a few years ago on paper. It is simple, written in third person, short and a bit random. So it is not great but the other books I will publish in the future will hopefully be better. I have tried to polish it and add more depth but the core choices are the same.

Anyways, with that out of the way, it is time to introduce the main mechanics for this game. There are four characters. Jack, Robert, Alex and Edward, named after myself and my friends from school. Each character has there own weapon class and use. The choices you make decide who live and who die. You can only win and advance to the next stage if everyone survives. The story also goes on an ending system. In the five or six stories I have read on this site, I have only seen stories that end either with you win or you die, and never an ending system. Anyways, here is how mine works:


Great Ending: Everyone survives and advances to the next stage.


Okay Ending: Everyone but one person survives.


Bad Ending: Two people die.


Very Bad Ending: Only one member of the party is left alive.


Horrible Ending: All four of your party members are killed.


With that in mind, I hope you are ready to read! have fun, I guess.