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eYYY hi there!! You can call me Moon. I'm an absolute geek that loves YouTube, games, art, and reading and pretty much alot of things. I'm not really active here anymore.. BUT. you can find me on deviantART all the time under @Moonspirit13. I'm open for commissions and stuff and ye.

PM me if you want to do a forum RP or anything, I absolutely love to participate in stuff like that!!

boop well cya later pal <33

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Ashfoot's Heartbreak

You are Ashfoot of StormClan. Up until now, life has been fantastic for you; the typical happy-ending that a normal cat has. But, when something happens, you aren't prepared for the tables to start turning, the odds no longer being your favor. What will you do when your world collapses before your very eyes?

(This is NOT a quickly written, poor WC game. This is quality material, so please do not shut it down right away.)

Escape From The Forest

RayneYou are 13 year old Rayne, a girl who goes camping with her family, expecting everything to turn out fine. But when she runs into the woods and gets lost, it's up to her to find her way back home again.

Through My Eyes

This is going to be like no other Warriors game you've ever played before. You start out life from the very first day, each chapter of your life spanning over a long period of time. Every choice you make affects your rank, your injuries, your death, and every detail has been thought out precisely.
I've spent a lot of time planning and writing this story, so I hope you enjoy it!!!

Warriors: Choose Your Destiny: Spidertail's Story

SpidertailThis game lets you navigate life through the eyes of a Warriors Cat from birth until death. This game also uses OC's I've created. This particular chapter focuses on the life of Spidertail, the silver tabby tom of MountainClan. As his character, you will make choices that will affect your life later. Also: I would appreciate it if WC haters would not play this just to give it a bad rating. Hope you enjoy!


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cout << "Hello World!" << endl; on 12/13/2015 1:55:15 PM

Welcome! I hope that you have fun on CYS, and I'm sure that you'll be a great addition to our many skilled writers! =^w^=

Hi. on 10/19/2015 4:30:24 AM

 Hi! Welcome to CYSsmiley If you do have any questions, I'm usually avaliable( I WILL NEVER SPELL THAT WORD RIGHT AHH )

I Think I Need A Bit Of Help on 3/13/2015 1:20:00 PM

Thank you for the instruction! I finally figured it out.

(Am I the only person who couldn't do this?)

I Think I Need A Bit Of Help on 3/13/2015 12:11:56 PM

I've been wondering about how to upload pictures. I've made some really cool ones with my paint program, and would like to display those somehow, not just on my profile but some relevant to my stories, as well. Can somebody please tell me how to do that? cheeky