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A Walk in'a Park
You're a dude. Taking a walk in the park. Oh and, of course, it goes spiraling out of control. It's my first story, so it's not incredible. I'm just trying to learn the system while making something weird and goofy.

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New, and with a few questions on 9/22/2021 11:35:59 AM
I'm fairly new here, and I'm aware that newbies tend to get a bad rep (based on some things I’ve seen) so basically here's a few questions I have about the site overall 1) what tends to be the best way to organize a CYOA book in the planning stages? What applications do you use, or what is your planning thought process? 2) Is it worth learning the advanced editor as a newbie, or should I just stick to the basic editor until I have a bit more experience with that? 3) In your experience, what is the best way to get past writer's block? What do you do to keep going on when you really don’t feel like continuing to write? 4) What's the best way to structure a CYOA book? I saw this website and I looked at all the different types, but which one is usually the most fun to experience? Thanks y'all, have a good one