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sup seed child =) be awesome and look out for my stuff.

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newbie =) on 2/20/2021 5:12:49 PM

(sorry for the late reply) but ty for the detailed advice as well as the welcome!! I will definitely be asking for criticism often!!

newbie =) on 2/19/2021 3:28:46 PM

okay thank you!

Yet ANOTHER anime avatar annoying mizal on 2/19/2021 3:15:48 PM

i meant plan...nvm...that's embarrassing. 

Yet ANOTHER anime avatar annoying mizal on 2/19/2021 3:11:54 PM

is there something really wrong with having an anime avatar? lol...anyway, ty for the welcome and the advice. I will definitely consider NOT doing a series and instead do one simple story. ugh....advice on how to shorten my pan would definitely help!! 

newbie =) on 2/19/2021 3:09:50 PM

ah ty for the advice!! now however, i don't know if i want to upload...i can handle criticism but BRUTAL criticism isn't my thing lol. 

newbie =) on 2/19/2021 3:07:35 PM

Thx for the advice! I plan to write some story about different anime crossovers and just have fun. Of course i didn't think this would be so scary seeing how many people told me not to do a series LOL. so now i don't know... but i do know i want to write about whoever plays it to be a traveler or something who goes around meeting people and making friends from different animes and stuff.. idk :/

newbie =) on 2/19/2021 1:54:13 PM
wassup, ya'll. I'm new and we should be friends!! lookout for my series ;)