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Dead-end link in article

2 years ago

@Mizal, there is another dead-end link in an article, Introduction To Grammar:


Go to the bottom, (As usual) and you will find this:

Stick to the same tense and point of view

Most writers write in past tense or present tense. You might find present tense easier to use. 

Most writers write in first person or third person point of view, but on this site especially you may use second person point of view. Read this article for more information:

Whatever tense or point of view you choose, stay consistent. Don't write "I wake up one morning and ate breakfast." 

One of the best ways to really understand the English language is to read books. Reading up on grammar helps, but you will gain a knack for the structure of the English language if you consistently read great literature. Plus, reading is the best way to learn how to spell and expand your vocabulary. 

Keep an eye out for the errors mentioned here so that your writing is understandable and polished. 


The link at that block of text leads to nowhere:

Edit: Hmmm.. It seems that the link used to lead to an article, How To Used Perspective by TacocaT

Dead-end link in article

2 years ago
Whoops, this one is my fault. I removed that article on perspectives yesterday so the link goes nowhere now.