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5 years ago

So for my own insane amusement I'm trying to make a timeline of most of my stories. I've come to the conclusion that this will have to at least be three different ones. One fantasy based, once modern earth based, and one combined.

I started with the fantasy one and Necromancer first since that's probably going to be the most involved. How involved? Well so far I've only done all of the Necromancer timeline and its already longer than I thought it would be. This isn't even including me integrating Death Song yet. (Oh that's going to be fun)

EDIT: Completed Necromancer/Death Song/Deadly Timeline

Fantasy Timeline

Before Necromancer (BN)

The first Great Lich Lord rises to power and nearly destroys the world. The only little thing known about him was that he worked at the Nuro University library at one time before he disappeared and later came back in his new powerful form. He is only defeated through a great alliance. Necromancy is outlawed completely. (Along with demonology) This event was known as The Dead War.

The Vampire Council quickly tries to eliminate or alter most of the records of those dark times in order to gain better control of present (and future).

Azrael’s father “meets” his mother.

Azrael’s sister is born.

Azrael (The Necromancer) is born.

Catalina is born and dropped off at an orphanage. Her parents both unknown.

Catalina has an encounter with some gravewings which awakens her innate connection to necromancy. She will gradually practice this power better in the coming years.

William (The Bard) is born. His two brothers and two sisters are born soon after.

Azrael’s sister enters the Zalan Military Academy.

Catalina leaves the orphanage and lurks about Nuro’s magic college learning magic independently, along with strengthening her necromantic abilities.

William helps with his family’s farm and learns how to play a lute in his spare time.

Azrael meets Serena in high school.

Serena dies.

Azrael goes to Nuro Magic College despite being poor to mediocre at magic.

Seeking out others that explore the dark arts, Catalina meets Mr. Demar who is impressed by Catalina’s abilities for her young age and immediately accepts her into the Dark Order.

This group consists mostly of demonologists, only a handful of necromancers and a single chronomage known as Quayle. The necromancers Sebastian and Trelik both vie for Catalina’s attention, but she’s unimpressed by both.

William joins the Zalan military in an effort to help support his family.

Azrael asks Catalina out in enchantment class and fails.

Velzix is summoned and bound to assist in Mr. Demar’s plans to conquer Nuro.

William completes boot camp and goes to the Retlad Kingdom for his first assignment to wipe out the Quillar infestation. He also buys a new lute.

William meets a traveling merchant girl by the name of Helena. They have a nice night together.

Events during Necromancer

N: 0

Azrael’s mind continuing to be dominated by thoughts of death and darkness, seeks out greater understanding of necromancy. He is met by his dead high school sweetheart who urges him to continue his search and fulfill his desires.

Azrael meets with Mr. Demar and his Dark Order of students planning to take over Nuro for greater power.

Azrael meets Catalina again. She’s still unimpressed.

Azrael proves to be more than a natural at necromancy. Former top student Trelik grows jealous.

Vampire clans send a delegate to convince Mr. Demar to stop his plan. It fails.

Mr. Demar sets his plan into action.

The Quillars are mostly eradicated. William’s role in this task has caused him to be labeled as a “hero” by some of the locals.

The Nuro Incident

Infernal gates are opened up all over the city by the demonologists causing demons of all kinds to come screaming out of them, killing anyone in their path. The nceromancers raise the corpses of the newly fallen. Temporal magic is used by Quayle to slow down time giving the Demar the advantage.

All goes well until the demons become completely unreliable and begin leaving the city of Nuro to run amok elsewhere, along with Quayle’s time magic getting out of control. Velzix completely breaks free of his binding

Azrael takes a leadership role to gain order over the situation and successfully regroups the remaining necromancers and undead. Azrael also stops Quayle from potentially causing massive damage due to his time magic.

Trelik backstabs Mr. Demar during the conflict, but he escapes before he can suffer any punishment. Catalina manages to stop a couple of the senior university staff from escaping.

Mr. Demar suffers fatal wounds while battling the dean of the university. He gives  Catalina and Azrael some last parting advice before finally dying.

Azrael and Catalina take control of Nuro and rename it Aftermath. Surviving demonologists switch to necromancy, Hessan being the most competent of the lot.

Lord Rostov of the Vampire Clans sets thing in motion to combat the new threats to the status quo.

The first attempt to retake Nuro occurs by a combined force of several nations able to muster up people quickly. William’s company is sent led by Captain Vahlat. The result is a complete slaughter and only William manages to barely escape.

William is found by a group of dwarves and he is stationed to Fort Virtue on the Zalan Empire-Tulan Kingdom border. He is soon promoted to sergeant.

The Grand Alliance is formed by the major nations of the land. Mostly lead by the Zalan Empire.

Velzix and his army of demons conquer the Tulan Kingdom and establish a home base there.

Trelik struggles to maintain control over a small town in the Brot Kingdom.

William receives a new lute from his mother. He continues practice music in what little down time he has.

1-4 N

William meets Azrael’s sister.

Azrael expands his army greatly by making an alliance with the Ghoul King who proceeds to wipe out several of the barbarian tribes in the Drozz region. Azrael then easily conquers the Brot Kingdom with this great army, which includes undead giants.

Trelik escapes again to parts unknown.

Azrael and Catalina finally consummate their relationship.

William catches the attention of Warnov through his combat skills and his music abilities. Warnov explains that he is from Zalan intelligence and William is offered a chance to join an elite group. William turns it down, not realizing at the time that he just narrowly missed being brought into the fold of the vampire clans.

Azrael and Velzix’s realms expand. Grand Alliance struggles to hold back the tide of demons and undead.

Rostov sends assassins to kill Azrael which fails. Azrael’s father’s mercenary company are sent to help disrupt Velzix’s plans. Azrael’s sister leads the Zalan army against her brother’s undead hordes.

William reunites with Helena in Fort Virtue during one of her restocking/trading trips. Once again they have a nice time together before she leaves.

5-9 N

Zalan Empire begins to establish more totalitarian rules over its citizens and increasing its influence over the Grand Alliance.

Fort Virtue continues to be attacked by demonic forces. William learns that the home of the dwarves that helped him has been completely overrun by undead.

He also adds some dwarf songs to his list of songs and continues to bristle at the idea of being called a hero.

Azrael meets with his father to take down Velzix. The pair of them defeat Velzix though Azrael’s father suffers fatal wounds during the battle.

Azrael meets with The Ghoul King who takes him to Rostov’s secret base in the Deshun Mountains via teleportation.

Catalina encounters a vampire claiming to be her “mother.” Whether this is true or not remains unknown and ultimately of little importance to Catalina who kills her as the assassin she is.

The Ghoul King betrays Azrael to Lord Rostov who kills him. Azrael however undergoes a spontaneous change, whether it was due to his excessive necromantic powers, destiny or both, and immediately resurrects as the new Great Lich Lord.

Azrael kills Lord Rostov, along with every vampire in the fortress, saving the Ghoul King for last.

Velzix’s demonic kingdom breaks apart without his leadership and descends into chaos and in fighting. Eventually demonic territory is re-taken by the Grand Alliance or Azrael.

Only two demons of any note managed to flee back to their own infernal realm via portal, one of Velzix’s top lieutenants, Sinthinia and another independent demon called Big Red.

During a scouting mission in an effort to retake Tulan territory William discovers an antique lute in the ruins of the Tulan Kingdom. While briefly playing he also encounters Warnov again, one of the few vampires still left after Lord Rostov’s death.

Warnov, no longer hiding his vampire status and sensing his own days are numbered, he advises William to live life while he still can, prompting William to temporarily desert the army to see his family.

After a brief reunion with his family, William returns to the military where he is soon interrogated by Azrael’s sister who demands to know where he was and what he’s been doing, believing that he might be a spy for Azrael.

William ultimately breaks down emotionally exclaiming that he’s no hero and his only crime is temporarily leaving the army to visit his family. He is believed and pardoned under the circumstances and due to all his past deeds.

The Zalan Empire takes over the Grand Alliance completely though less competently run due to no longer having the influence of the Vampire Clans to invisibly guide it.

Azrael’s sister becomes a general.

Offers of peace are made towards the alliance by Azrael, but are rejected.

William is promoted to captain.

William attempts to stop Azrael’s hordes from destroying what is left of the Garwold Confederacy. Despite his best efforts, he fails and it is overrun as he calls a retreat.

William’s brother Mallack dies in combat on some nameless battlefield.

Helena dies in the city of Edat when the undead overrun the place.

10-19 N

Increasingly becoming detached with the very idea of “life”, Azrael makes the last push toward ending the only major resistance left, The Zalan Empire.

Azrael’s mother leaves the Zalan Empire for parts unknown.

William ignores the general order to defend the Zalan capital and goes back to get his family out of danger. Unfortunately, he finds his family’s farm overrun by undead. None of them survive.

William escapes to the forest in an effort to survive, vowing that each day he lives is another insult to death, which seems to be taking over the world.

Along the way William encounters a community of pixies who have been out of the loop on what’s been going on due to their isolation.

William stays within their illusion hidden community for awhile, but eventually realizes that it will not be a permanent sanctuary and leaves, but not before they give him a magic amulet that can turn him invisible for short peiods of time.

After working his way through Zalan territory, the capital is eventually besieged. Azrael kills his sister in a brief battle, the Zalan royal family is slaughtered and the capital is razed to the ground.

William makes his home in the mountains.

The remaining Grand Alliance nations fall. Only fringe holdouts and desperate resistance groups remain. Living subjects in Azrael’s dominon are killed as his tolerance for life in all forms becomes less and less. Only Catalina is exempt from this ever-growing loathing of life.

Azrael begins to have realistic visions and disturbances in the landscape begin to occur at times.

20-49 N

William has a brief encounter with abominations from another dimension brought on by the manipulation of temporal magic.

Azrael tracks down the cause of these disturbances and teleports back to Rostov’s old fortress where he finds Trelik who has gone obviously mad due to his use of temporal magic.

Using time magic Trelik sends Azrael back into past in an attempt to trap him in a time loop. The plan fails and Trelik is absorbed by unnatural creatures in the process.

Azrael soon finds himself thrown even further back in time to the event just before his father met his mother. He also discovers his mother from the “present” has fled to the safety of the past where she proposes that he still has one last chance to turn from his path by ensuring that his father never meets her.

Azrael indirectly helps his father so that his existence will come about, restoring him back to his proper time. He finds a letter in his hand addressed to him from his mother saying that he need not concern himself with finding her as she is long dead now having stayed in the far past.

William wanders further north still determined to defy death.

Hessan and a group of remaining necromancers confront Catalina about how Azrael’s deathly aura is ever expanding to the point where it’s starting to even affect them. One named Belial proposes a rebellion, though this is ended immediately (and violently) by Hessan who merely wants Catalina to reason with Azrael somehow.

Last remaining bits of resistance are wiped out. Azrael’s other necromancer lieutenants are even exterminated. Only stubborn survivors remain. The world itself begins to die as Azrael’s very existence is killing it.

William feels himself finally succumbing to the deathly aura infecting the world. As he’s drifting in and out of consciousness, he encounters Azrael who has been breaking up the monotony of having less and less to do.

After a brief conversation, Azrael teleports William to play for Catalina who is also slowly dying.

At first William refuses, but after a brief conversation with Catalina, he relents and plays one last song, seeing that he will finally be reunited with his family when he dies.

50-149 N

Unable to sustain her life any longer in the presence of such an overwhelming death aura, Catalina finally dies, severing Azrael’s last link to his mortal life.

Every single living thing in the world dies, leaving only the dead to roam. Eventually though even this would cease as Azrael tires of the mockery of life, releasing the animated corpses and spirits to a final rest.

Azrael becomes increasingly bored and introspective as he remains on the world as the only being on it. He even attempts to destroy himself, but is ironically unable to due to his great necromantic powers sustaining him.

150 N

During a ongoing introspective moment, Azrael is greeted by Serena’s ghost again. She tells him that it is time for him to move on from this world and that he is meant for even greater things.

A portal opens up and as Serena disappears again, Azrael writes one last entry in his journal before stepping into the portal.

Azrael ascends to Death God.

Catalina continues to exist in a spirit realm and manages to visit Azrael from time to time by reliving her entire life through faded memories.


5 years ago
Whoa, spoilers. I don't think anyone here has read Necromancer yet.


5 years ago

Hey, it's the bard dude's name!  

Uff da, this is going to be long.  You are not the only one amused by this.  Thanks for putting it together.  It's interesting to see how the timelines of Death Song and Necromancer fit together before the Nuro Incident.  


5 years ago

Necromancer and Death Song timelines are completed.


4 years ago

Okay, so I forgot just how much fucking background lore I had for Eternal. I thought Necromancer/Death Song were pretty involved and they were due to having keep track of the intertwined events, but Eternal has a shitload more lore and events.

So far this is just all the stuff that happens BEFORE Eternal.


Before The Collapse

The Svelk become the first major civilization to rise to power. They enslave and exterminate several races along the way.

The Derro expand underground, mostly shunning the surface dwellers and keeping to themselves.

The island nation of Mortos pursues arcane studies to the point that it encompasses every aspect of their civilization. Eventually even the average citizen has minor abilities.

The Svelk Empire reigns supreme across Dokkrus and most of Evigrus. Only the Derro and the island nation of Mortos run by powerful wizards remain respected equals.

The wizards of Mortos ever aware of the potential danger of the Svelk Empire and consumed by their own thirst for knowledge, they begin delving further into powerful dangerous magic in an effort to not just achieve immortality, but to even achieve something like godhood. They take their first steps in seriously studying the mysteries of necromancy.

Semra is born. Her mother dies in childbirth.

The Svelk Empire begins to descend into decadence. All manner of vices are indulged in. A favorite one in particular was “mating” with a race of peaceful fairy type creatures.  So many encounters of this type eventually spawned a whole new offshoot of Svelk known as a the Sveld who were lighter in color, had more affinity towards the wilderness and generally had a more pleasant disposition despite everything.

In time there were enough sveld for the svelk to take time out from their decadence and redirect a more organized cruelty to this new “race” created through their own wickedness. They became slaves.

Baby throwing becomes a new favorite past time in the Svelk Empire.

Semra’s time with her father becomes a little closer than normal. Eventually they become lovers. Due to how decadent Svelk society has gotten, nobody even raises an eyebrow.

Nicodemus is born.

The wizards of Mortos begin putting together a book containing all the forbidden, obscure and dangerous magic they know. They slowly start preparing to enact a ritual, which they believe will make them gods.

Semra becomes pregnant and soon gives birth to a son.

Event: The Collapse

The wizards of Mortos perform a dark ritual involving death on a mass scale believing that it will open a portal up to another realm where they can take their place as immortal gods.

The ritual works, but not in the way they believe. The portal opened is one to a dimension of death. The dead rising and negative life draining energy threatens to bring about the end of the world.

The Svelk Empire is not even safe from this as even portions of their empire feel some of these wide spread effects. Already deep in decadence and dark arts themselves, they turn to infernal assistance to help with this danger making a pact with the powerful demon lord Zelvix.

Through the combined effort of the sane wizards of Mortos who realized the folly of all this and the Svelk Empire, the dead were beaten back and the portal was closed before death destroyed the world.

However the barriers between this world and death’s dimension would always be weakened now. Mortos was permanently infused with negative energy twisting what living inhabitants still remained into ghouls and allowed the dead to continue to walk. The civilization of Mortos was effectively destroyed.

Meanwhile the Svelk Empire began to collapse from a combined toll of losses from battling the dead, the demons who later ran amok throughout their land and chiefly the sveld who seized the opportunity to break free of their cruel masters.

Less well know is the effect this had on the derro. The negative energy from death’s dimension didn’t just affect those on the surface; it also seeped into the underground contaminating the derro race in a very different way.

The Dark Age

While most of the necromancers of Mortos agreed to never attempt to do anything like this again, others disagreed with the new idea of “guardian status” and so the necromancer wars began and carried on for centuries.

Casimir is born, probably one of the last “normal” births on that island. Most births afterwards are the loathsome ghouls that most of the living population has become.

Svelk Empire on Evigrus completely collapses; it was during this time of chaos that Semra’s infant son and her father were killed by demons that were attempting to assault her. The svelk on Evigrus scatter into nomadic mercenary bands.

Svelk Empire on Dokkrus suffers a similar fate though manages to retain several small fiefdoms and enclaves at best. These never grow much bigger however due to constant infighting. Semra always believed that this was part of Zelvix’s curse for the svelk dealing with him in the first place.

The Derro descend into mass madness. Female derro fertility lowers severely. The derro attempt to figure out a solution to this problem through science and technology.

The sveld having broken free of their svelk oppressors scatter into communities across Evigrus, mostly to the forests. Those unlucky enough to be on Dokkrus however continued to be hunted down and exterminated.

Humans become more dominant on Evigrus.

The derro figure out how to re-populate their race via making raids for surface dwelling females occasionally. The mass degenerative insanity of their race however is a problem they never fix.

Orcs are an ongoing problem for everyone, though the sveld in particular.

Semra gives birth to her daughter Eldolith.

Out of a mixture of boredom and interest in the chaos taking place in the world, a powerful being calling itself Dendrin reaches out to a small tribe in the swampy Delerg region beginning the cult of the Shadows.

Necromancer wars end, and the island is completely cut off from the rest of the world via magic, though they still maintain very loose diplomatic ties to the svelk as part of the agreement to make sure something like the collapse never happens again.

There are also still Mortos dissidents from time to time. Such dissidents are either exiled or executed. Casimir was one such malcontent that wished to re-open the portal to death’s dimension and achieve godhood.

Rise of Casimir’s Empire

Casimir leaves Mortos and eventually settles in Evigrus to plot his revenge. He realizes in order to do this however, he’s going to need a force large enough to take on Mortos. He takes the first steps in creating what would eventually become The Qualan Empire, he begins with conquering the area known as Quala.

Casimir realizes the longer he’s away from Mortos, the more his necromantic powers weaken. Using them takes more energy and lessens his already unnaturally expanded life span. Casimir begins to seek other ways to extend his life span.

Casimir assists the derro with a war they have with the trolls. His help makes him an ally to the derro, allowing him access to technological studies he hopes can help him achieve his goals. Marik in particular pledges his loyalty to him for saving his life.

Casimir abandons necromancy in favor of studying how to combine technology and magic to unnaturally sustain his life.  In the meantime expansion into the Arat and Nalin areas occur.

Casimir employs the help of several svelk mercenary bands to help with his conquests. Semra seeing an opportunity to raise her status from a mere mercenary captain, begins to advise Casimir directly.

Several races are conquered. Most of them are outright enslaved or are considered second class citizens at best in the human dominated Qualan Empire. Svelk influence, most notably from Semra’s advising suggests treating the sveld with great suspicion causing them to be once again the most harshly treated of the enslaved. Gnomes on the other hand were very favored thanks to their technological skills and willingness to assimilate. Casimir found them to be more reasonable derro.

The Shadow cult gains attention by Casimir who is now expanding into the Delerg region. Intrigued by their magic abilities Casimir approached with caution though to his surprise the Shadow priests pledged allegiance with no struggle.

It was Dendrin however who told his priests to pledge their allegiance to Casimir as in time he planned to tell them later when to launch a rebellion. Not for any other reason other than he wanted to see how events would play out and the fact that he thought it would be really funny.

Casimir, always seeking to increase his power, naturally accepted and soon used the shadow priests as internal security known as the Shadow Guard, allowing greater control over the population.

Despite having more control over his domain Casimir is still no closer to his goal of immortality even though his magically extended life is still holding strong. He becomes mildly distracted while interacting with gnome leaders about how to best implement various technological advances, particularly with a female gnome known as Tilda Zookwinkle.

In time Casimir would fall in love with Tilda and while his original goals were pursued it was at a much slower pace.

Event: The First Rebellions

Semra notices that Halflings are becoming a problem. Orc soldiers don’t intimidate them and the Shadow Guard are strangely inept at rooting out anything the Halflings may be planning. (One of Dendrin’s requests) Casimir is still too in love to act quickly as well.

The Halflings completely tire of their slave status and attempt to gain help from their Gnome cousins. The gnomes however try to convince them to not rebel and just comply to the Qualan Empire. The Halflings are unable to however and a mass uprising takes place.

The uprising is bloody, but short lived. Semra advises that an example must be made by exterminating the entire Halfling race as it’s the only way to prevent another rebellion like this again. Even Casimir is reluctant to do this at first, but at Semra’s urging by using an example of her own people staying in power for as long as they did by crushing rebellions entirely, Casimir enacts the purge of the Halfling race.

It doesn’t take long as the orc soldiers and svelk mercenaries take great delight in slaughtering the Halfling race, making them only a memory.

Horrified by what happened to the Halflings, the Gnomes finally realize they must break free as well. They plot and plan for months in secret (Once again the Shadow Guard being less than efficient in uncovering plans at the request of Dendrin) with Tilda being very instrumental in the Gnome rebellion by distracting Casimir personally.

This rebellion was much more damaging to the Qualan Empire as it included more than just the gnomes. Some of the sveld slaves were manipulated into causing direct violence and some of the outer human communities cause trouble, but the Gnomes themselves mostly made a mass exodus from the Empire. Not all of them escaped, (Tilda being one of the casualties) but enough did and they started over in a region known as Tral.

Casimir, now not only angry by a loss of control of his domain, but also heartbroken by the woman he thought loved him back, vows to exterminate the gnome race. He is however distracted with minor rebellions happening all over the Empire and must regain control

The Empire’s Zenith

Casimir ruthlessly puts down all revolts, both minor and major and refocuses his effort in expanding his power again. First steps are made to expand into the Rask frontier and to push further into Arat and Nalin.

Despite many of the sveld being part of the rebellion, genocide is not enacted upon them as Semra advises a second genocide might not be for the best at this time. (And the svelk still enjoying seeing the sveld suffer brutal slavery as opposed to extinction)

Sveld rebels not brought under heel or executed eventually ran off to the hinterlands of Rask or the unconquered regions of Nalin.

Casimir also becomes more reclusive with not many seeing him personally anymore. He re-focuses his attention again to extending his life while leaving the outside maters mostly to advisors and such. The “Qualan” part is eliminated and Casimir’s domain becomes simply known as “The Empire”

The Gnomes recognizing that they would always potentially be in danger take their own first steps in creating their own defense against the ever-expanding Empire. Knowing that they would never be able to do it with just their own community, they once again manipulate the closest human communities to unite and eventually form a small kingdom with gnomes playing key roles in various parts of its society. Tilda’s grandson Klemto Zookwinkle plays an even large role in this plan.

Far off on the other side of Evigrus in a region known as Nakol, a dabbler in the magic arts by the name Mortimer manages to acquire some ancient Svelk texts on demonology. With great effort Mortimer manages to summon Zelvix and sells his soul in exchange for immortality, power, etc. However with surprising guile on his part Mortimer manages to trap the powerful demon lord in a crystal after the deal is done.

Zelvix is not so easily defeated though and manages to maintain an ongoing mental presence on Mortimer, which he struggles to fight off everyday.

Mortimer, with his new found power quickly begins to take his first steps in carving out his own realm and keep himself distracted from Zelvix’s mental attacks.

Meanwhile enjoying Mortimer’s ongoing torment Zelvix waits for the day that he finally succumbs to the madness completely and dies so he can claim what is rightfully his.

The Arat province is brought mostly under control, as is the western part of Nalin though kobolds are always an ongoing problem, as are the Usksha raiders from the desert to the south of the area. Eastern Nalin (or Naleen) remains untamed as well.

The most “civilized” parts of Delerg are tamed after the reptilian Slin are either killed or driven out of the area. Expansion further into the Delerg jungle is halted though.

The Felkan Kingdom starts to rise and expand thanks to the gnomes propping up a royal family they feel will serve their best interests. Combined with gnomish technological advances it doesn’t take long before the Felkan Kingdom covers the entire Tral region and expands into Ibim and Gan.

Rask continues to be the biggest headache for the Empire as not only is it filled with hostile barbarian tribes, ogre and giants, but it also becomes a haven for those fleeing Empire justice and other criminal types. The biggest danger however are the Wendigo.

Expansion into Naleen also becomes an issue with barbarian tribes, fringe cultists, wild sveld and the Slin who resettled in that area.

Empire expansion stops nearly completely after the first major battle with the Felkan Kingdom on the Gan border. The technological edge of the Felkan Kingdom, the stretched resources of the Empire and Casimir’s slowly deteriorating health and loss of focus on outside matters make the short war come to a stalemate. Though Casimir still hasn’t lost his desire for vengeance on the Gnomes.

The Empire is at the height of its power, but with enemies plotting from within, and external enemies constantly chipping away at its edges, it shows signs of potentially collapsing if more events like the Halfling and Gnome rebellions take place.

The Shadow Guard continues to take advantage of their increased importance within the Empire, sewing more seeds of discontent. A plan to reach out to the orcs to join in this new rebellion is discussed among the Shadow Elders. Dendrin watches with much delight.

A relatively unknown lower bureaucrat by the name of Jacob Mol manages to rise up through the ranks using considerable cunning and determination among his peers and superiors. He becomes a chief advisor to Casimir who notices his unwavering loyalty and efficiency in many matters.

Emperor Casimir through the ongoing studies of dangerous magic and derro technology, finally believes he has the answer to a couple of his ongoing goals. Creating superior beings for combat to assist in his conquest is one of those goals, extending his life is another as the necromantic magic sustaining him continues to deplete.

The first test subjects are gathered with Marik and his derro crew as direct head of the project. Semra and Jacob also assist in other ways such as selection and in Semra’s case magical matters.

Several test subjects including pregnant women and infants fail. The greatest successes have only lived to age eight before either expiring or needing to be put down. The work continues however as Casimir, Marik and Semra perfect the process and call it the Eternal Project.

Francis (The Eternal) is born in Rask. He has hair of gold, like his mother.

Francis’ family is massacred by the Wendigo tribe, only his mother survives to save him and retreat to the Quala region.

Being emotionally destroyed by recent events, Francis’ mother feels she can no longer properly care for him. Francis’ mother turns him over to the care of The Empire. Jacob’s sister Frieda is about to do the paperwork until Semra who happens to be walking by and takes Francis personally and reassures his upset mother that he will be given the best care and training.

Sensing potential in Francis, Semra performs the bare minimum enhancement magic on him and places him for selection for the Eternal program, wondering if he’ll survive despite not having the proper “set up” as specified by Casimir’s instructions.


4 years ago
That is a lot of lore. XD
It's really nice to see this all in one place. Thanks for making it. Man, Semra is OLD


4 years ago
Like End Master, Francis likes to screw moms. Lol.


4 years ago
I laughed way too hard at this


9 months ago

Bumping this so I remember to work on it again at some point in the future (Whenever that is)

I'd have to update the Necromancer/Death Song timeline now too given the story with Catalina.