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Cricket is clearly chaotic neutral, she just wants to watch people suffer while admiring pretty bugs. - Darkspawn

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Write or be SHAMED!!! *Any resemblance to real life persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidential.

Sir Osis

It's about a time in the life of a knight named Sir Osis. There's a pony too

Winner of Sir Corgi's Lords of the Land contest.  Originally published April 14, 2019, but briefly unpublished for edits to the font and description.

This story is "Cave of Time" style. So just make use of that back button if you would like to see another path.  Please let me know what you thought of the story after you read it.  I appreciate comments.

Special thanks to Ghost11 for the motivation, suggestion, and inspiration for one of the endings.  



The story of a noob who entered a writing contest.


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The contents of the flask Hakkan carried were a little cold, but they would do; coffee was a wondrous substance.

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Last activity rating your own game in 2015. Uff da. You should read this.

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Of course, Mizal-sama. You are our purpose, the only reason anyone here will ever troll or get into an argument.