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Corgi’s Adventures in the Savage Cabbage Fields

6 months ago
Commended by mizal on 11/10/2021 7:02:23 PM
Corgi looked at the ridge as he approached it. He knew what was on the other side, but he didn’t want to go there. The grass swayed in the breeze as he stopped and looked. The way back was simple, but very long. He could head back down the hill, around the rock cliffs, and up to the river. Then he would have to continue up the river to the low point where he could cross. Then he would have to work his way back down the river to get home.

Or he could just continue forward and take the short route.

Corgi sat down on his haunches and eyed the ridge. It wasn’t much to look at, just a few rocks and a rise in the grass. But beyond that, he knew what was there, and he didn’t want to go there. He made his way to his feet and crept up to the edge of the ridge so he could see over the top. He glanced over the grasses and could see it: the fields of cabbage.

Corgi had been here before. He had stood in this very spot. And he had seen, or at least imagined, what those dangerous cabbage could do to a small dog. While in fact he had not actually ever seen any small dogs in the cabbage patch, he knew very well how much damage they could do. He couldn’t see the razor-sharp teeth from his vantage point, but he knew very well they were there. He could see the vicious vines and roots sticking out, knowing that they would turn, twist, and grab a dog’s foot, pulling it towards the teeth. He could see the round, ripe, and terrifying cabbages sitting still for the moment, but ready to crash into the soft head of a small dog.

He ducked back as the wind blew the edge of a cabbage leaf and the motion caught his attention. He was ready to move if that cabbage rolled towards him. He carefully eyed it for sharp teeth, but still could not see them. He slowly stood back up to his full height, taking careful stock of the entire cabbage field. He could see some spaces between the heads of cabbage, almost like a path that could be followed. But he knew it had to be a trap. It was unlikely that there would be a safe way to traverse the entire savage path.

The sun continued to head towards the horizon as Corgi watched the cabbage patch. He knew is was getting later and it was going to be dark soon. It was likely that there would be additional zombie cabbages in the patch after dark, so Corgi knew he had to make a decision soon. Would he take the battle to the cabbages, or would he shirk back, taking the safe route home once again?

The snap of a twig behind him made his mind up for him. When he heard it, he jumped, and instinct made him jump away from the sound. So as he was coming back down towards the ground, he realized he was on the far side of the rise and would be landing in the cabbage patch. He didn’t have time to look back to see the source of the sound, he was already running with all four legs before he even hit the ground. He headed for the path, not caring it was a trap, but figuring he had a better chance of avoiding the sharp teeth of the cabbage if he started that way.

His feet barely hit the ground as he ran as fast as he’d ever run in his entire life. His legs were pumping, pumping, and pumping, pushing off the ground as quickly as they hit. He could hear the gnashing of the teeth of the cabbages right behind him, just missing him as he ran. He saw a few of the vicious vines twisting and turning across the trail as he quickly jumped and dodged them as he ran. He even saw one of the heads of cabbage rolling towards him across the patch, but it had the wrong angle, so Corgi continue to run and ran past it before it could reach the path.

Towards the end of the path, one head of cabbage was closer to the path than the others. Corgi could tell it was ready to bite into him, but he managed a massive feat of strength and jumped as high as he could, clearing the cabbage and it’s horrible teeth by at least two inches.

He landed just outside the cabbage patch and in the clear ground. He hit the ground and was unable to stop his legs in time, so he crashed and rolled, a tumble of legs, head, and Corgi. He rolled near a tree, but managed to roll to a stop without hitting anything other than the ground. He rolled back over and looked back to the cabbage patch.

The savage cabbage patch was still there, and clearly still as evil as ever. Corgi wasn’t sure how he managed to avoid all those sharp teeth and vicious vines, but somehow he had made it across. He wasn’t interested in doing that again, so he decided to spend the rest of his life on this side of the patch.

Corgi’s Adventures in the Savage Cabbage Fields

6 months ago
I know you had to try to make the cabbage more of a plausible threat, but I've seen video evidence that a small dog CAN take on even several heads very easily. (Although it's true that a direct kill in the cabbage's natural territory would normally be more difficult, I think that's something they have specific breeds for.)

Corgi’s Adventures in the Savage Cabbage Fields

6 months ago
Even Corgi might be able to take on several heads -- but an entire field?

Corgi’s Adventures in the Savage Cabbage Fields

6 months ago

I'm dying lmao 

Well done


Corgi’s Adventures in the Savage Cabbage Fields

5 months ago
This was an amusing read over lunch break at work haha!