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A Lover's Game - A Short Story

one year ago
Commended by mizal on 12/7/2021 3:00:44 AM

Hey everyone,

Once again, I wanted to throw something together set in my WIP setting. This one covers a different race called the Korza. They are a depraved hedonist society that lives up in the mountains. Amongst the common folk, they are myth and much of what is known about them is from rumors. Anyways, it was a good break from my story game because I'm currently slogging through a giant battle (turns out I hate writing big battles, who knew?). CC is welcomed. Enjoy!

“You nobles are all the same,” Nox said to the man tied to a large ornate chair. She stood looking out a window overlooking the rest of the castle estate. Her pale blue skin shined in the pale moon’s glow, a contrast to the warm light radiating from fire place inside of the room. Her long pure white hair set in an elegant hairstyle. A gray sundress surrounded her thin frame, matching gloves cover her hands and forearms. “You wish to throw your money to obtain objects or people, but then complain once you have it. Is nothing enough for you?” she glanced over to the man. “Of course, I do not mean it as an insult, but it is rather boring isn’t it?”

The bald, pot-bellied man sat restrained with simple ropes and a tight rag was wrapped around his mouth to prevent him from speaking.  He sat in the center of the room. The room looked to be a study of sorts, but less books and more expensive décor. His body was clothed in fine crimson fabrics and had jewelry hanging from his neck. There were also various rings that decorated his fingers. His muffled voice attempted to answer her question.

“I mean that’s all I am to you isn’t it? Just a trophy? All you men gloat about your sexual prowess and how you think you could handle one of my kind. Funny how reality can put things into perspective, isn’t it?” she walked over to the man and placed a hand on his bound wrist. He winced, unsure of what was about to happen. “Now, I’m going to remove your gag and you’re going to tell me the first rule about our relationship.”

The man nods.

“Good,” she said in a playful tone, a soft smile appeared on her face. Nox slowly moved her hand up his arm to caress his check before undoing the gag around his mouth.

“I promise to never tell anyone about our relationship, my love,” his face painted with the look of pleading. “I didn’t tell anyone, I swear! Even my wife doesn’t suspect anything!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I know you haven’t yet, my dear,” she speaks as if talking to a pet. Her hand pats his bald head. “You’ve been so good to me, but I feel like I am doing more for you, than you are doing for me. Don’t you see how unfair this is? You get to have all the fun. This is a relationship, a two way street,” she gets close to his face and speaks in a hushed tone. “I mean, I get you favors from other lords, take ‘care’ of any opposition to your rule, and let you fuck me. What do I get out of this?” Her face stays just out of reach for him to kiss her, awaiting a response.

“You get..uhh…good sex? The…favor of a high noble lord? Wealth? Just say what you want and you will have it, my love,” the man stutters as he speaks, trying to think of something of worth for her.

Nox tries to hold back a laugh, but fails. She stands back up straight. “Good sex? Don’t make me laugh. If I wanted a good lay, I would go see my brother, at least he would be rough with me,” she runs her hands down the shoulders of the man and composes herself. “No, none of that matters to me. What I want is a little bit more personal. Something that can remind me of you and your family,” a twisted grin comes across her face.

His eyes go wide, “wh-what do you want with my family? I thought this was just between us. If they found out, I would be ruined!” his voice getting louder. “I can’t let them know!”

Nox places a hand over his mouth, “shhhh, quiet, my love. Nothing will happen, unless you alert them yourself. I will not tell anyone of us. You trust me right? You want me to be happy?”

The man nods and Nox nods in acknowledgement back to him, “exactly, now that’s why I have to make sure our relationship is fair. Neither of us should be greedy, right? All is fair in love?”

The man slowly nods, confusion on his face.

“Good, good, I’m glad you understand. I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth and you’re going to stay quiet, okay?”

The nobleman nods and Nox removes her hand from his mouth.

“What is it that you desire, my love? I will offer you anything within my power. If it is out of my power, I will do anything to obtained it for you. Not even any of the gods will stand in my way to satisfy you,” he stammers, turning red with embarrassment.

“Ugh, this type of talk is killing the mood. I don’t need your flowery words. You’re just as pathetic as your gods. It’s no wonder they have fallen silent and stopped answering your prayers. You need to be more assertive and find real power.”

“If I recall, my love, from what I have read about the Korza, your god has fallen silent too,” the noble responds, attempting to display confidence.

Nox slaps him across the face, a red handprint firmly placed on his left cheek now. “Now is not the time to be smart. You can’t just try to be defiant because I said to. The world only knows what we allow them to know about us,” her face fills with an expression of a mix between rage and excitement. Her eyes staring into the distance as if remembering something from long ago.

“Our twisted god did not fall silent, we enslaved him. He serves us. We drink of his misery and relish his pain. Let this be a lesson, if we are able to do this to our god, the one who raised us, the one who created us, just think of what we would do to you.” Her eyes re-focus on the man in front of her, the rage and excitement leaving her features. “Now, what were we talking about before you so rudely interrupted me?” her tone sweet and musical.

The man realizes the error he has made. He had wanted more and more in life, but did not realize what it would cost him. He bragged to all his friends that he wanted more exotic women, the finest clothes, and the loyalty of the common people. With Nox, he had achieved all of that, with little attention paid to the cost of her service. She had been his agent to subjugate the commoners and fellow nobles. She had secured him lucrative deals to sustain his family line. And best of all, she had given him her body to use, the most exotic of exotic, legends amongst the common people, pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. It seemed as an eternity had passed in what was actually a few heartbeats.

“What do you desire, my love,” his eyes filled with tears at the thought of what could happen to him. “I will give you anything, just please don’t hurt me.”

Giddy with excitement, Nox sits on the man’s lap. “I want a new coat.”

Astonished and almost rendered speechless at the request, the man’s fear disappeared. Nox has never actually harmed him badly, besides the usual play in bed, so why would he worry? A coat is an easy gift to give.

The noble laughs, “that’s it? I will give you the finest coat from the greatest tailors in the kingdom. You will be drabbed in the most expensive and regal coat I can get!” he continued to snicker. “For a second, I thought the request was going to be something crazy. A coat with my family’s coat of arms on it should be well enough to give you something to remember me by, right?” His features ease as he realizes how much of a fool he was for thinking he was in any real danger. “Now, will you release me?”

Nox giggles, “No silly, not of fabric.” A look of a predator paints itself on her face, “of your skin.” Before the noble can react, she gags his mouth again.

The man’s fear revisits his features and he begins to scream in a muffled tone. He begins to sob and rocks back and forth to desperately try to escape. Nox stands up and walks back to the window, hands joined behind her back.

“Like I said, all you nobles are the same. It’s all ‘I really want to fuck a Korza’ and so I make it happen, but then it’s all ‘stop torturing me, it hurts’. You can’t just have it your way all the time. Relationships are a give and take. I have been very giving these past few months, now it’s your turn to give.” She turns around to face him. “Trust me, this won’t hurt as much as you think it will. I’m no novice at this.” Taking off her gloves, she walks back over to the man. The back of her hand reaches to rub his cheek and he begins to hyperventilate.

At the touch of her bare skin, the man gets a rush of pleasure through his body. He uncontrollably calms down, regardless of his mental state. A few moans are let out through his muffled mouth.

“There, there, little one. It won’t be so bad,” she says to him, reinforcing the calmness overwhelming him. “Look on the bright side, you have more than enough skin to make me a nice coat. If you survive, you’ll be free.” She rips open the clothes that cover his pot-bellied stomach. “Oh yes, this will do nicely.” Her voice drips with desire and passion. She glances up at the man, a hunger in her eyes. “I hope there is enough, because if not, your family will have to provide the rest of it,” she giggles.

The man’s mind races with horror and despair of his fate and the fate he brought upon his family. He wishes to scream for help. He wants to beg for his life, if only he could trade his family for his life. All that escapes his mouth is ecstasy from her touch. His voice screams inside silently, unheard inside his head. He is locked within his own mind as his body has given over to the pleasures of the flesh.

“Now, my love, let us begin.”

The fire lighting the room suddenly goes out, encompassing everything in blackness. As the work begins, the room is filled with the sounds of pleasure, pain, and the laughter of a fickle lover.

A Lover's Game - A Short Story

one year ago
Too bad you weren't around for the succubus themed contest.

A Lover's Game - A Short Story

one year ago

I think I disappeared during that contest, if I remember correctly.