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If you ever wanted to ask "can you make the editor do this?", then come here and post. We're all about the suggestions.
This feature was rejected 7/13/2022: not worth the effort

Copying from other websites, and helping the lazy

one month ago

Two random ideas, probably someone already mentioned them. People are lazy, so my ideas are about making it easier for them to choose the right storygames to read (with less effort Interface-wise).

1. Wikipedia-like pop up windows. Displaying more information about the story is probably a good thing as it helps to choose the right story to read. There is a description, but you can only read it after you click. So the idea is displaying a window with the description of the storygame when resting your mouse on the story name and it will show the description, similar to the blue terms on Wikipedia.

2. Youtube-like related videos. This will probably require an algorithm of sort, and be more helpful for bigger sites. But if you show similar storygames in the right of the screen, under under the story rating and tags it might be helpful. There are categories already, so I'm not sure how relevant it is. The only positive is that if it's implemented well it saves 1. going to the storygame tab 2. finding the right category 3. scrolling and clicking on another storygame.



Copying from other websites, and helping the lazy

one month ago
1. There's a short description field that storygames can set, but since storygame search was a recent integration, most storygames don't have it. Most stories have long descriptions, so I don't think people will read each one all the way down to get the "gist" of the story. More likely, they'll read one or two that have promising titles and ratings. So the effort I'd be saving them would be really minimal.

2. That's a whole lot of work and some creepy activity tracking to build a network of which games are most related. We seem to do fine without it.

Thanks for the ideas, but I don't think these will work out.