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Hello, I'm pretty new and have a couple questions.

one year ago
I'm assuming this site isn't really for incorporating pictures with the text, is it? I've done some research on the site and played around with the story maker, but not to very desirable results. is there any leeway you can do with positioning the images on the page, as well as the text? Has there been very many stories that have had a good number of images in them?

Hello, I'm pretty new and have a couple questions.

one year ago
See KoiKoi, Cows vs Aliens and Delve in the puzzle category. The editor uses HTML and that is extremely flexible if you know what you're doing. I only know the bare basics, but there are lots of tutorials available online.

Hello, I'm pretty new and have a couple questions.

one year ago

Welcome to CYS!

Here are a few tips to add pictures and format them, but it only covers the basics so let us know what you're attempting to do if you need more help.

Adding pictures

The simplest way is to use html. Copy and paste <img src="insertpicturehere.jpg"> wherever you want your picture to be, and replace 'insertpicturehere' with the image address. This works for most images online.

If your picture is downloaded, you can use an app like to upload it, then right click the image and get the image address from there.

There is, of course, another way: go to the 'My Stuff' section on the left hand side of your screen, then click 'pictures'. This allows you to upload images and later add them to your storygame. However, there is a size restriction for the files you can upload, and as it's a much more inconvenient process, I wouldn't use this method unless you're uploading a profile pic/ picture for an item in your storygame.

Positioning images

I'm not much of an expert in scripting-like stuff, so if you're looking to do something complex like the examples Mizal listed, this probably wouldn't be useful. But for basic things like centering your image, you can use: <center> add your image here </center>. You can resize your image using style="height:800px; width:500px", while of course changing the numbers until your picture looks like you envisioned. 

Together with the previous part, it might look something like this: <img src="insertpicturehere.jpg" style="height:800px; width:500px" />

For more complex formatting, you can browse through this list of articles and see if anything helps.

Formatting text

I noticed you've already figured out how to change colors and fonts in your test storygame, so I won't delve too much into this, but here's a helpful article for basic html and text formatting. It also covers images at the end if you're still confused about that.

Hopefully this helps, and best of luck with creating your story! Definitely check out the storygames Mizal mentioned to get a better idea of what the site is capable of.

Hello, I'm pretty new and have a couple questions.

one year ago
There's a few stories that have gone full-comic book mode (but maybe only two?), and others that have used image maps and just some flavor images. Generally, readers here like the stories more than pictures.

That said, sure, you can use HTML and CSS. You might want to check out object-position and float for a couple ways to position images on a page.