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A challenge to everybody with a prize!

18 years ago
Hey guys, up for a bit of an adventure? a bit of a challenge? well get prepared to play the hardest game on the website. Jurrassic Fairview Park, located under the Mystery Category, was one of the first games ever created for this site, and was in direct competition with the Game Finals Week for best game a while back. they're both big pieces of Myadventuregame history, and both really good games!
Anyways here's the challenge, I'd really really like to see somebody beat Jurrassic Fairview Park, the last person to honestly put in an effort and beat it, beat it months ago. It hasn't really been played otherwise. The first person to beat that game and leave a comment on it will recieve TWENTY MY ADVENTUREGAME points, which will be used to buy cool myadventuregame stuff! Make sure if you beat the game you leave your email address to get your 20 points, and make sure you have an account on myadventuregame so we can factor those points in.
20 is a lot of points, so good luck to all!
myadventuregame staff!

re:A challenge to everybody with a prize!

18 years ago

Buy the hint book!

18 years ago
It's insane is what it is! But it's the inspiration for my masterpiece, The Wal*Mart Game :-)

It's an amazing game! I'll give you a hint, go to Walden's book store, in the mall, and go to the Books on Games. You can then buy Jurrasic Fairview Park hint book! There are so many hints in there

re:Buy the hint book!

18 years ago
Yea, its defeinatly the hardest, but I beat it a while ago.