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lol Drake

2 years ago

Best thing to happen in Hip-Hop since I've been keeping up with it. Pusha T is a rapper that blew up in the early 2000s but has kept a steady career. And well, everybody knows Drake at this point.

Using the Story of OJ beat, Pusha T drops the most savage thing I've heard. He exposes Drake for having a son and a baby mom he hasn't recognized publicly, tying it in neatly with Drake's own parents. On top of that, Pusha T's album art is Drake in blackface; a horrible image for the rapper.


lol Dissapointment

2 years ago
I know it's always disappointing when not a single one of these good for nothing chumps even reply once, but with a subject like this, I think most of us must be out of our element. If anything, this snippit furthers my resolve to not care about that entire subculture, and more and more wish it would either radically change, or die out.

The product and effects of their artistry is much more interesting, and I hear that discussed much less. It's instead all about attitude and scandal.